Your Talent Doesn’t Matter….


Dear Christian Radio,

Your talent doesn’t matter.

Now that I have your attention, I hope you know OF COURSE it does.  A lot! 

What you add to your radio station as a talent is a huge factor to its success!

So, what do you think is the most important thing a talent can do to be their best? It’s to prepare!

Prepping your show will help you pick and deliver the topics that are most important to your listener.  Some I’ve coached through the years are nervous to prep thinking that something will be lost if they know what’s going to happen prior to the break.  The reason usually given is so they can sound spontaneous or get an authentic reaction from a co-host. I get that, but consider this…

When you watch a good movie…are you moved by an emotional scene or do you begin to laugh out loud as you get lost in the characters?  Those actors spent many hours preparing their lines/scripts so they could deliver a seemingly spontaneous and authentic performance for their audience.  They prepped!

Think of a veteran baseball talent.  No matter how naturally talented he may be, if he doesn’t stretch he could pull a hamstring and be out most of the season and hurt his team.  Or, if he fails to get into the batter’s box to practice and strikes out when it matters the most, yikes!  If he’s effective, chances are it is because he took the time to prepare to be at peak performance to win the game!

If this is true for the movies we love or the veteran baseball player, wouldn’t the same apply to your radio stations talent? 

While special moments can and do happen that were not planned, a prepared talent is one who can put up meaningful wins for your radio station. I think it would be fair to say that…

A level 6 talent can become an 8 when they prepare!

A level 8 talent risks performing at a 6 when they fail to prepare At the end of the game the level 6 talent actually performed better.

Friends, we are called by Jesus to share our talents with our listeners.  They deserve our very best. 

So, let’s prepare so we can do that.

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. Does your talent prepare to perform at their best?
  2. What would the impact of your station be if your team understood the importance of preparing?
  3. Do you help your talent prepare by providing the time necessary?


Frankie Morea – VP of Programming and GM of Positive Hits, PER | Positive Alternative Radio

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