You Need a Vacation!

Written fresh off a family vacation – big road trip!

Dear Christian Radio,

For many, vacations require a discipline on a few fronts. Some have trouble pulling away from their work, their routines, and even the self-satisfaction of ‘getting things done!’ A purposeful focus on vacations also requires more than just a devotion to planning the trip. There are things like accommodations, travel, and activities to consider—as well as prepping for being away and the mounds of catch-up work that will be waiting upon your return!

If that causes you to reconsider a vacation – don’t let it!  YOU NEED A VACATION!

To be a great leader, it’s important to live a full life. This is especially true in Christian radio, where many of us are connecting with an audience on a daily basis. For those of us who are on-air personalities, it’s imperative that we have a full life to share. After all, there’s only so much inside baseball talk that can be discussed in a relevant way.

Working in Christian radio, as a Christian leader or within ministry in general is hard work. It’s demanding! So demanding, in fact, that burnout is a real danger to you. No matter how passionate you are or how called by God you are, burnout can sneak in without proper balance. God showcased in Genesis the need for rest, and, from where I sit, if Almighty God took a break, who are we to resist it?

A healthy workplace culture will encourage both hard work and hard play. Spending time with family and friends, and slowing down enough to recharge are necessary to productivity, longevity, and creativity. In fact, it’s one reason many employers require taking at least one full week of vacation. Doing so forces you to disconnect for 5-7 days. If the thought of that sounds too good to be true, I’d encourage you to take a baby step in that direction.

To start, shoot for a few three-day weekends and/or plan a couple of mental health days. Go somewhere and get lost in your thoughts again. Dream big dreams in a well-deserved nap! These things will require you to extend trust to your team. If you don’t think they can function without you, try it anyway…you may be pleasantly surprised!

Finally, as stated before, organizations that expect their teams to not only work hard, but play hard foster a well-adjusted and balanced culture. Your team members already spend a large portion of their lives together—more than 40 hours per week, for most. They are always there for your organization, celebrating the wins and overcoming the losses, which is exactly why they should be encouraged to periodically take a much deserved break. The same goes for you. A little time off can lead to greater successes in all they—and you—do.

So, go…vacate! It’s good for your health: physically, spiritually, mentally, and professionally!

Dear Christian Radio…

     1. Plan a vacation! Plan ahead, get it on the calendar, and make it sacred.

     2. You first! Put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others! Seriously, you’re doing others, and yourself, a huge service.

     3. Don’t pretend! Burnout can happen to you. Even workaholics and ministers called of God need refreshing.

     4. Rest! Follow God’s lead on this!


Daniel Britt
Vice President of Culture Integration
Positive Alternative Radio

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