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Dear Christian Radio…

Songwriter Gloria Gaither once said, “Satan labels you, God names you.” Her quote profoundly reiterates what we believe at PAR about our listeners, our donors, and each person serving on our teams. We tell them:

You are loved. You have value. You matter.

Here’s why…like you, they are loved by the God of the universe; they have value to God. As Christians, we have to start there. As believers, even in a Christian organization, you’d be surprised at how often we forget. That’s why anchoring our value in the Lord is paramount.

Bible teacher Steve Brown tells this story:

Little Rickey was a boy in the camp where my wife Anna and I worked one summer. He was one of the meanest kids I’ve ever known. They didn’t allow spanking at the camp and, after meeting Rickey, I understood why. I would have killed him! My wife, though, decided that no matter what Rickey did, she was going to love him…and she did. Anna pursued him with her love. On the last day of camp, Rickey gave my wife a flower. It was like saying, “I give up. Your love has won.”

God is like that in His pursuit of us.

RC Sproul once wrote about a student with cerebral palsy:

He was difficult to understand. His speech was slurred, slow and agonizing. His walk and movements were a struggle. The student was very upset when he came to see Sproul. Before they talked, Sproul prayed, “Oh, God, please help this man as he wrestles with his problem.” When Sproul looked up from his prayer, the student was crying, and said, “You called me a man. No one has ever called me a man before.”

Can you see what changed? That student, through Sproul’s words, now knows his value! The Gospel expresses the same thing about you and your team. Even so, we sell ourselves so cheaply.

Here’s another truth: God gives value. This is what the cross was all about. You are so valuable that it took the blood of God’s own Son to meet the price.

In our company, we communicate this simple idea: You matter at PAR. Your work matters. Equally, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase, “Don’t waste your life.” Both truths show our team members exactly how the work we do is meaningful for eternity.

In the summer of 2019, PAR’s executive vice president encouraged every team member with these words:

Today was not given to you to defeat you. It has been given to you to grow you. You’re stronger than you think you are, so get up and start believing again. Look at how far you’ve come with all the hurdles and pitfalls you’ve survived. Those aren’t reasons to pause your progress and complain, but they are lessons to be celebrated and treasured. Don’t sit in the dirt bemoaning the fact you’re not perfect. None of us are. 

Fight on. Soldier through. The choice is yours. You can be paralyzed by your doubts and insecurities or you can get in the game and live for a purpose. Don’t view work as work. View it as a calling. View it as what you get to do. You’ll live a fuller and happier life. Go live life today! We get to honor God and make Him known to others!

My pastor, Alan Wright, recently pointed out:

In Luke, there is the story of the woman with the alabaster jar who washes Jesus’ feet. After the scoffing and judgement cast by Simon and the others, Jesus asked Simon: “Do you see this woman?” That’s what’s at the center of this story. Do you see her, Simon? Or do you just see a sinner? And the answer, of course, is that he does not see a woman. Simon does not see the woman as God sees her. 

If you have a hard time loving yourself because you disdain everything that’s wrong in your life, how about instead of just trying to convince yourself that you’re okay, just say “Jesus let me be myself, as you see me.” Then let your own affection for your own life and purpose and destiny be rooted in God’s affection for you!

I like that. It applies to your team, too. Instead of viewing work as transactional or your team as just workers or a line item, pray that we see ourselves and our team members as God sees us.

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Value comes from God. He is the creator and, as my friend Mark Lowry says, “the pot doesn’t get to tell the potter what the pot is worth!
  2. Communicate to your team their value. You may be the only one speaking such life to them.
  3. Take a step back and pray for God to let you see yourself, and your team, through the eyes of Jesus. It’s transformational!


Daniel Britt
Vice President of Culture
Positive Alternative Radio

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