Work Hard. Play Hard.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  I know you have heard that proverb.

For the past couple of years my wife and I worked really hard, but we did not allow ourselves to venture out much during the pandemic.  In fact, we haven’t gone much past our back deck for an adventure…and it is difficult to play hard there!  Are we duller because of it?  Uh, yes.

Now, think about your own mental state, your productivity, your focus, and your relationships.  Collectively, our senses have been stultified to the point we do not even recognize dull.  Stress, anxiety, and simply trying to move forward to survive meant that we had to work harder and smarter just to make a small dent in our corporate lives.  However, now that we are beginning to open the globe and get it spinning again, the first thing we should all consider doing this year is planning a vacation!  Not even kidding.

Relaxing is different for everyone.  As the years go by, how and where people find respite changes.  For several years, and thousands upon thousands of miles, my wife and I recharged on the back of a motorcycle.  We traveled from Maine to Minnesota, all the way to Texas, and over to one of our favorite spots, the Florida Keys.  But, since we have been blessed with a couple of grandkids–Aiden and Lakelynn–we needed a safer form of relaxation, so we decided to try the island life.  You know the Beach Boys and “Kokomo”—Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Key Largo, Montego…we’ve tried them all.  But in 2011, one island captured our hearts, and it has been our go-to spot to melt away every ounce of stress and anxiety.  It’s fittingly called “One Happy Island” and that island is Aruba.

For over a decade, this little 20-mile island, its white sandy beaches, warm tropical trade winds, and crystal-clear Caribbean Sea has offered me the most beautiful sunset without fail.  It’s hard to believe that a person can leave the hectic pace of Atlanta and arrive on the beaches of Aruba in just four short hours.  But I can almost promise you that those few days will rejuvenate you for the next 51 weeks of work or at least until your next relaxation stop.

As ministry leaders our careers are important to us.  We work hard to make ourselves, our communities, and our organizations better each day.  Equally important are our families and our personal need for rest and relaxation.  In most cases, one fuels the passion for the other.  My advice: work hard…but don’t forget to play hard, too!  Whatever your “One Happy…” is–an island or some other adventure–I encourage you to find it soon.


Randy Pierce
VP of Underwriting, PAR
Positive Alternative Radio


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