Why #ENCW?

Dear Christian Radio,

Consider the sounds of a typical home with a seven-year-old. There’s one sound you’d hear over and over again…it’s the word why.

“Why does that airplane fly?”

“Why does the dog bark?”

“Why did you say no?”

“Why is the stove hot?”

“Why does the cat ignore me?”

“Why can’t I eat mac and cheese every single day?”

“Why can’t I watch Paw Patrol?”

Why? Well, because why is a powerful question. It provides context, background, and motivation. Understanding the why, as it pertains to a project or a task, places it within a broader context, which can provide clarity and purpose.

Helping ministries better understand the why behind the #ENCW Project is no different. Indulge me for a few more minutes and I will provide just that for you. Here are the two big questions:

“Why the #ENCW Project?”

“Why get involved?”

To put it simply, because the #ENCW Project is a group of Christian radio stations and like-minded ministries that have agreed to work together toward one simple goal: to impact one billion lives in five years.

There is nothing special you have to do. You just do what you’ve always done as a ministry. All we ask of you as a partner is that you give us updates. We use your updates to create a vibrant picture of the impact Christian radio and its ministry partners are having on the world as a whole.

Then the following questions come…

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why is PAR pouring resources, time, and money into the #ENCW Project?”

The answer: we want to encourage you. We want your efforts noticed. You’re doing hard work. Your ministry work is both challenging and life changing. Such things need to be highlighted and trumpeted!

People both inside and outside of the radio bubble should know about the efforts your organization is making and the overall power of Christian radio within communities and throughout the world. Together, we are making a major impact in this world for Jesus!

The #ENCW Project is a way for PAR to celebrate the work that Christian Radio and its partner ministries are doing all over the world. As we share our success with one another, it fuels our spirits and reminds us to not grow weary as we do good for others.

Like you, we get it. The work can be tiring—and at times—overwhelming, but each ministry is changing lives in its own unique way. That’s noteworthy…and remarkably inspiring to others.

Wells are being dug, clean drinking water is being provided, and millions of lives are being changed.

Thanks to you:

  • Moms have been provided diapers for their newborns
  • Children have received shoes
  • Life-saving relief has been provided following disasters
  • People of all ages have been cured of parasites
  • More than 50 million Americans have been encouraged on a weekly basis by Christian radio stations like yours.

That’s just a taste of what has already been accomplished…there’s even more!

If you haven’t already, get involved in the #ENCW Project.

Year 2 of 5 is about to begin…let’s do this Christian Radio! It’ll be difficult…but then again…easy never changed the world.

Let’s come together and work as one to impact a billion lives—celebrating our shared calling along the way.

Here’s the really good news: the world is already seeing our collective efforts to spread the Gospel. And while it’s only a tiny portion of the project’s final goal, #ENCW Project partners have already made a huge impact in the first year.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President, PAR
Positive Alternative Radio

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