Why PAR Partners with Local Ministries


Dear Christian Radio,

Are you investing in those who are investing in your communities?  Those who are living their lives to help the broken, hurting, and needy by meeting needs and sharing the love of the Gospel, through pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, food banks, and the list goes on.  We at PAR want to create and develop experiences that inspire people to live more passionately for Jesus Christ.  This mission is not just for our listeners, but this is in every aspect of what we do.  We in Christian Radio, are given a platform that has the possibility of reaching, inspiring and rallying thousands of people daily, to do something to make our communities a better place.

In our communities, there is a great need for encouragement of ministries and encouragement for people to get involved in ministries. To be the boots on the ground, the prayer warriors, the financial supporters, and the investors in the ministries.  Our listeners need to hear the stories of those selfless men and women who serve our communities.  They need to hear the passion, the reason they do what they do.  Sometimes, they just need to hear that those ministries serve problem that are relevant and are issues in our communities.  In our listening area at WalkFm, we have a need for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit outpatient facility, since the drug epidemic has hit an unbelievable crisis in our area.  Babies in this area are being born addicted to drugs at a rate nearly three times the national average.  They were filling all the beds in our hospital NICU floors; therefore, something needed to be done.  A facility was created, which was a ministry, to rehabilitate mother and child.  Their story needs to be told!  People want to do their part to help out, but they have to know about the need, There are stories like this that need to be told in your listening areas.  There are ministries that need the help of Christian Radio.

These ministries can use the knowledge we have on social media, donor relations, and volunteers.  Most importantly, they need to know we notice their efforts.   We can be such a huge amplifier to what they are doing, and we can be their biggest encouragement to continue to fight the battles they face everyday.  The experience you can create by walking with a local ministry, in their eyes, is priceless.   This makes them some of our biggest fans, supporters, as they encourage us in what we do.

We have to make an impact in our communities besides the hope and encouragement that we broadcast on the air waves. We have to do this by making an impact in the lives and ministries of those that are investing in our communities, by meeting the many needs our communities have.

Dear Christian Radio

  1. Do you really want to Impact your community?
  2. What ministries need their story told?
  3. What ministries are you investing in?


Derek Withrow

Walk Fm Listener Engagement

PAR Director of Impact Services

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