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We recently had the opportunity to take a test called a CVI. I would highly recommend it for all members of your team! It’s a wonderful assessment tool that shows who on your team is primarily a Merchant, Innovator, Banker, Builder.

Each of these roles is of high value to your organization. The Merchants core value energy is love; the Innovators core value energy is wisdom; the Bankers core value energy is knowledge; the Builders core value energy is power. What in the world does all that mean?!

Your Merchant will be great at connecting with listeners and creating an emotional bond. Your Innovator will take risks and keep trying new things until they figure out what works. Your Banker will thrive on numbers and data and will formulate a plan based on the information they have compiled. Your Builder is sitting on go, ready to storm the gates and conquer the world.

None of these values is superior to the other. That said, as a leader it is important that you make sure you have the right people, in the right seats on the bus. It is of value to your organization that each team member be maximizing their strengths. It is also of great value that you have people who fit each of the CVI roles.

I am a very strong Banker. In fact, I’m the only Banker in PAR! I love studying data, researching, measuring results, providing proof that something worked or didn’t work. If we do a campaign and the ROI is high, I say “yes, let’s re-do that!” If the ROI is pitiful, I say “whoa, let’s re-think.”

It would not benefit PAR if all of us were Bankers. I’m not a risk taker, at all. The Innovators and Builders on our team provide good balance to me. They might re-attempt that campaign with a few tweaks and have great success. I confess here in written form that I am not often in touch with my emotional side it drains me, glory! Our on-air teams are predominantly filled with amazing Merchants who pour their heart into our listeners through the power of a spoken word.

I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity enough that you want to utilize this tool. We actually found it of such value that we spent the money to take the expanded version so we could gather more information about our team members.

Dear Christian Radio:

Make sure your team members are able to use their strengths to better serve your organization. Knowing their core value is a good place to start.

Have a balanced team…they keep each other in check, because each core value has a dark side.

Want to learn more? Let us connect you with the company that provides this tool…If you’d like to test yourself; see how it can benefit you and your team, contact Larry Briggs of V2A Solutions. His email is [email protected]


Kayla Sanders
Director of Partner Services for PAR

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