What’s Next?

Is it too late to ask what your New Year’s Resolutions are?  No, because there are many of our listeners who are asking the same question.  Many of the resolutions that are already in progress or beginning now have to do with a better something.  It could be: I want a better me; I want a better community; I want a better job; I want a better world.  We, in Christian Radio, have the answer.  Most stations challenge their listeners to the 30 day listening challenge, but why stop there?  Let’s ask our listeners to do a 30 day serving challenge, because there are many ministries that could use our listeners serving with them right now.  Our listeners could use the experiences and lessons learned from these service opportunities.  I was 19 years old on a mission trip to Washington D.C.  I had the grand idea of what serving in a soup kitchen was going to be, but God had other ideas.  My job was not cooking, was not serving the food; however, it was cleaning a moldy, dirty, forgotten room that was needed for storage.  I learned a valuable lesson that no matter where you serve, God will grow and stretch you while you are serving.  It was while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the dirty floor that I realized how God was using me.  It was to clean this room, so they could store more food and in turn feed more people.  Christian radio has an influence and platform to challenge our listeners to serve.  Our local ministries are in desperate need of volunteers and our listeners are in desperate need to volunteer.  On average the typical person only keeps their resolutions for 3 to 4 weeks; meaning the window of opportunity is closing.  They are focusing on keeping their resolutions for the first month but their willingness to change will decrease over the next 11 months.  Our listeners and local ministries need us to take advantage of this opportunity presented before us.  

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. What help do your local ministries need?  
  2. How are you challenging your listeners to serve?  
  3. How are you inspiring your teams to serve outside the walls of your station?



Derek Withrow

Director of Impact Services, PAR

Walk FM Director of Listener Engagement

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