What’s Hanging On Your Wall?


Lots of folks have awards, album covers, pictures of famous people they’ve met and inspiring quotes.  A few even have their organization’s mission and vision statements.

Unfortunately, the mission and vision statements eventually come off the wall; end up in a file.  If they’re lucky, it may hang in the lobby of the office.

Your mission and vision statement are worth more than placement in the lobby.

Can your team recite the mission and vision?

Do they live it?

For your organization to be successful, your team must eat, breathe and sleep the mission and vision.  They must have buy-in.   Without that, team members are often hourly workers clocking in for a paycheck instead of passionate co-laborers pressing toward a common goal.

Pull your mission and vision out of the file folder!

How can you make it clear?


Is it a statement worthy of your team member’s passion and effort?

You must involve everyone in your organization.  Yes, everyone.

These statements must come alive for your leaders before they ever live and breathe for the rest of the team.

Get buy-in from all your team and you’ll see your direction begin to change.

Your team will transform from people doing individual tasks to a team working toward a common goal.


Dear Christian Radio,

  • Give your mission and vision statements life that your team can embrace.
  • Involve every single member of the team.
  • Live it.  Don’t allow it to be a dead document hanging on a wall.  Live it.


Eddie Baker


Positive Alternative Radio

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