What’s Down Your Hallway?

Dear Christian Radio:

Ever need a skill or job done, but you did not know where to find the person to do it?  Yeah, so?

Ever think about looking down the hallway? What? Check with your existing team. They might  have what you need or know someone who does.

“Great I get one of them to do it and it won’t cost me a dime!!”

Hold on, that is not what I meant.  If one of your team members has a skill, reward them for using it for your benefit and not keeping it hidden under a basket! If they know someone who has the skill or can do the job empower them to contact them and see if they can solve your need.

“But I’m already paying them well and anyway, they can treat this as a donation and help our mission.”

Whoa!!! Back up! You do not honor your teammate and coworker by taking advantage of them. They need to be on board with your Station’s Mission, but requiring them to donate their skills does not help the Mission of your Station or the morale of your staff.

Dear Christian Radio:

  • Honor your employees and coworkers for having the skills or acquiring the skills you need.
  • Reward them for helping you network to find that special skill or person that helps your Mission.
  • Help your staff become a team by valuing them. You will be surprised at what you can achieve when your staff feels special.

    Eddie Baker
    Presiden of  PAR

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