What makes an effective on-air personality?

Dear Christian Radio, what makes an effective on-air personality?

Talents who have been in a coaching session with me have received information like this as the foundation to be a highly effective radio personality.  If you aspire to be the best talent you can be for your listener, this will bless you greatly!

Reflect then Prep

After each show, take 10 minutes and make a plan for your next show and write down ideas while they are fresh.  If you work with a co-host do this together.

A good way to start is to ask:

  • What was effective about the show?
  • What could I/we have done better with the topics we talked about?
  • What should I/we do tomorrow?
Share your Life Experiences

Your life is the best prep so carry a pad & pen everywhere you go.  Write down your thoughts and experiences and think about how you may share them in a relevant way.  You can also use your smart phone and record your thoughts.  With the right app, you can record and listen at a later time.

Focus on What Matters

Your show is for only one person … your listener!  100% of your focus should be on their needs!  It’s so easy to get distracted by the needs of the station or your team.  Those are important but they should be what you tend to after your show.

Qualify your Topics

Rate what you talk about on a scale of 1-10.  What is your listener’s interest in this topic?  To make it on the air, stick with the topics that range from 7 – 10.  You can also take some time to consider how to make a 5 into a 7 or 8.

Accomplish with Emotion

Now that you have a 7-10 topic, what are you trying to accomplish with your topic?  After the break is finished, what do you want the listener to feel/experience?  Craft the break around the answer to that question.


Keep the break focused on topic and when possible end the break at the first “easy out”.  This is a great concept!  By practicing this, you won’t have to top what you already have accomplished!  You can always pick up topic again on another break.

What Will They Remember?

How do you make it memorable?  How your break ends is as important as the topic.  How do you frame a break so that it becomes memorable for your listener?   This is so much easier said than done but if you practice and make them a daily habit you will be more effective every day!

Dear Christian Radio, to be effective do these things:

1 The secret to being a great talent is to prepare.

2 Your show is for your listener not for you or your co-host.

  1. Be focused on what your listener will remember about you and your show and the experiences you delivered.

Frankie Morea

VP of Programming

Positive Alternative Radio

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