What If…

Dear Christian Radio,

Easy Never Changed the World.

What if?

Learning comes easier to some than others.  For me I have always loved being a student of subjects that aren’t in my sphere of influence on a day to day basis.  I read books on different subjects all the time.  That may come across as odd, but I’m a confessed workaholic and studentaholic so I’m always trying to do or learn something new.

Not too long ago my pastor asked me to dive into a book called  “I am a Church Member” by Thom Rainer.  It was an eye opening read. I learned that 1/3 of the people who claim to be members of a church never attend.  Wow.  33% of the people who claim to be on the team of my local church never even open the doors of the church. 

While reading the book, my mind kept coming back to Christian radio and our teams. 

Do our teams show up?  Do they understand the mission and vision of our organization? 

What percentage of our team just “clocks in” and pushes through 8 hours a day instead of showing up passionate, ready to achieve the mission?

Consider some of these options….

What if you let that 33% dream about the future?  

What if instead of complaining about that 33%, we prayed for them… by name… every day?

What if we treated each team member as a gift?

What if we showed them that we cared?

What if we spoke life into them?

What if we gave them permission to fail?

What if we stopped treating them like an assembly line or task completer and let them think, innovate and dream?

What if we helped them see their job as a calling not as an occupation?

What if we reminded them often of what God is doing through your organization and how their labor makes that impact possible? 


Dear Christian Radio,

Easy Never Changed the World…choose some hard stuff off this list and get to it. Let’s make the “what if’s” a reality.

Be the leader or the team member that wants to change the world.


Eddie Baker
President of  PAR

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