What If

Think back to junior high school for just a moment.  If your English curriculum was anything like mine, chances are you ran across this famous George Bernard Shaw quote about that time:

“You see things and you say, “why?” But I dream of things that never were and say, “why not?”

Maybe that actually sunk in and did some good because for me, there are few questions that get my brain buzzing faster than asking “what if.”

About a year ago, I started asking “what if” about our industry. I started musing about the possibilities, dreaming of a way we could all work together.

No one asked me to do this.  No one has appointed me the head of anything.  The boards and directors of the NRB and CMB and all the rest are all running things perfectly fine without the likes of me.  But I do care about you and your station, the stations of PAR and I believe in what we are doing.  That is my sole motivation for thinking like this, I promise you.

You see, every day great, amazing things are happening all over the world because of Christian radio.   Because of your station, your community is an even better place to live.  From diaper drives, to shoes for homeless children to bottled water for hurricane victims, to helping victims of human trafficking, Christian radio is on the cutting edge, being the hands and feet of Christ.

But we’re doing those things largely on our own, one market at a time. What if we were all working together instead? What could we accomplish? What mountains could we move?

In the next few weeks, I am going to share a project with you that is designed to do nothing less than unleash the collective power of Christian Radio.

Our goal is something I will share with you soon, but let me say we’re talking more than a million lives, more than 10 million lives, more than 100 million lives. That’s how big of an impact I believe we can make.

Dear Christian Radio….

  • It’s time to consider not just what you are doing, what PAR is doing, but how we can work together.
  • Your station in your market has always been your focus, but maybe now is the time to consider joining forces?
  • Wouldn’t your listeners and your board or ministry leaders be glad to see you collaborating with an entire industry?
  • We can do so much more, together.



Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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