1 Billion Lives…

Dear Christian Radio,

Unlikely…that word pretty much sums up my life.

I’m the most unlikely candidate. This dream seems to be unlikely. The dream being, God using this industry to accomplish such a massive project—some would say that’s unlikely.

In his book, “The Leader’s Bookshelf”, Retired Admiral James Stavridis asks the question if leaders are born or made. He answers with the following:

“Over the course of my career and life, both in military operations and in the civilian world of academe, it has gradually become clear to me that some gifts of leadership are indeed bestowed at birth: high emotional intelligence, a pleasing appearance, a smooth and soothing voice, a commanding physical presence—these are all helpful attributes.”


With all due respect to the Admiral, I’m none of those things.

I’m highly unlikely.

My waistline enters the room before I do. I’m larger than the average bear. Heck, I’m larger than the above average bear. I’ve spent most of my life on some sort of diet or eating plan, while at the same time working out at recreation centers, and/or walking neighborhoods trying to be “normal.” It seems that path to leadership would be unlikely.

Do I have a smooth and soothing voice?  Not a chance. I have a speech impediment; I stutter. As a 15-year-old kid, I landed the afternoon drive slot at my town’s local radio station. Amazingly, when the mic went live and I had to back announce the Oak Ridge Boys or George Jones, I never stuttered. However, off the mic, I still stutter. If I get nervous or angry, I’ll have a tough time saying words. The fact that God put me in Christian radio is amazing…and so highly unlikely.

Then, there’s Positive Alternative Radio.

We’re a Christian media organization with five brands in the mid-Atlantic. We’re not some nationwide network with 500 employees broadcasting coast-to-coast with terrestrial signals. PAR has 70 team members and we reach about one million souls per week between our five brands. I share that because the vision I’m about to cast for you seems UNLIKELY coming from an organization of our size.

Here it is…

One Billion Lives. Five Years.

Dear Christian Radio, it’s time we do more than just play songs at those listening. Let’s do more than encourage. Let’s do more than brighten someone’s day. Let’s change the world.

How, you ask? By impacting one billion lives in five years.

We can do this…you and me…together. Your station…your non-profit ministry…YOU CAN DO THIS!

Mobilize your listeners by taking a few days off the calendar to partner with World Concern and cure kids through their 44 Cent Cure campaign. Perhaps you work with Compassion and do child sponsorships…that’s great, too!

Could you partner with your town’s crisis pregnancy center and collect diapers, bottles and formula?  By doing so…you’re changing the world.

India Partners builds safe houses for women and children they rescue out of the red light district. John Owens and his team at The Light have partnered with them and as a result…lives are being impacted.

Are you part of a non-profit ministry that digs wells, sponsors kids, provides shoes and/or medical care, but you’ve never worked with Christian radio? We want you to be a part of this movement as well.

It’s with this that a vision was born:

To inspire Christian Radio and non-profit Christian ministries to partner and impact one billion lives within the next five years.




Take a moment and register your station or organization. There’s no fee or charge. PAR will send you and your team (up to 10 names) a #ENCW t-shirt and wristband…simply for signing up for the #ENCW Project.

Know this…you won’t be the first…i5810 Media, World Concern, LifeSongs (New Orleans), Bill Sammons and The Bridge (Delaware), Todd Stach and the River (Ohio), Scott Herrold and SOS Radio (Nevada) and the UCB (Canada) are all in.  Nope, we aren’t starting at zero…this train is picking up steam, but there’s still time to join us and help us change the world. Here’s how:

Step 1: Commit to mobilizing your audience to impacting lives locally and globally on an annual basis for the next five years.

Step 2: Sign up to be a part of the #ENCW Project and share your results. In turn, PAR will send a monthly update on the impact Christian radio is having on the world.

Each month, PAR will reach out to you and get your updates. We want your stories…stories of lives changed, and about the various campaigns you’re doing and what results you’re seeing.

For the next five years, PAR is committed to collecting those stories and data. Each year, during Momentum, we’ll deliver a report to the industry that details this shared effort to impact one billion lives.

Get this…

We’ll provide you and your team with #ENCW swag. We’ll even provide you with graphics and imaging—at no charge—so you can rally your listeners and donors to the cause of changing the world.

Why do this?

Let’s stop lamenting that Christian radio is shrinking. Instead, let’s change the world.

Let’s stop treating team members like employees and tap into their deep desire to live a life that makes a difference. Let’s give them the opportunity to change the world.

Let’s also change a generation. Millennials want more than music. They want to “dent the universe” with positive impact. This is Christian radio’s chance to show them we do more than spin songs. Reach out to them and invite them to change the world with you.

From the most unlikely guy to ever sit in a leadership chair comes a most unlikely vision—but it likely has the potential to impact one billion lives and change the world through this one unlikely source…Christian radio.

Let’s do this! Yes, there will be hurdles and it will be tough…unlikely things often are. It won’t be easy, but then again…Easy Never Changed the World. Sign up today!


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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