Unity Day: Christian Radio & Charlottesville


They’re ALL precious in HIS sight.

The events in Charlottesville demanded a response.

Three of PAR’s brands cover Charlottesville.
This is our backyard.

We took a few days to allow the “fog” to clear.

On Thursday, August 17th – all five of PAR’s brands took to the airwaves to have a conversation about Jesus, the gospel and racism.

Hosts became transparent about judging others.
Listeners and on-air hosts shared stories of being discriminated against and spoke of moving forward in love due to the example of Jesus.
There were prayers.
Some expressed fear as their television showed an old evil coming back to life.
Parents called and told us how they were trying to raise their kids to be like Jesus…by loving others no matter their race.

The staff was nervous.
All of our insecurities were front and center.
But when the microphone opened…God gave grace.

Below is a link where you can listen to a sample of the conversation that happened on PAR stations.

Dear Christian Radio…have the hard conversations.

The world is wanting a voice that points to Jesus.
You are that voice.

It’ll be difficult.
But then again…

Easy Never Changed the World –


Listen here:

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