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Dear Christian Radio,

Last year, PAR participated in the Best Christian Workplaces Institute’s Engagement Survey.  It was a huge risk, but we needed to see how we were doing. There were a lot of questions that we needed answered—among them: what are our blind spots, where do we stink, and what have we gotten right, thus far? To say there were a few sleepless nights before the results were published would be an understatement.

I found myself asking…

  • Does the team know the Mission and Vision…do they OWN it?
  • Does the team understand how their roles fulfill the Mission and Vision?
  • Is the team satisfied with their pay?
  • Does PAR leadership practice gratitude?

All these things we preach: candor, honesty, creating the future, caring and so much more…are they just words on a poster or do we live them?  Are they real? These questions, among others, fueled PAR’s need to take the survey.

It’s been our goal at Dear Christian Radio (DCR) to offer transparent, practical advice over popular theory. That’s why, for the next 13 weeks, we will share the results from our BCWI Engagement Survey. Part I of this series will focus on the Top 10 areas where we succeeded along with how we did it. Part II will address PAR’s Top 3 blind spots and how we intend to address them.

We offer each weekly blog with humility. While there is a lot to celebrate, these blogs should not be taken for braggadocios bluster or a show of pride.  Instead, we hope each will offer some wisdom that will help your organization traverse the pitfalls of leadership-induced missteps so you can effectively begin building a better workplace.

“Let me be clear…,” as my grandfather used to say, “…we still have a good piece to go. There’s work to be done.” Nevertheless, we’ve certainly learned valuable lessons along the way and wish to share those with you.

Simon Sinek has a terrific book titled, “Start with Why.” That’s where we begin. As the leader of an organization you need to be able to answer several Why questions:

  • Why does the organization exist?
  • Why would people want to work here?
  • Why is the mission worth eight hours of someone’s life each day?

If your answers are simple Christian platitudes, then you’ve failed. The answer, You must inspire your team…not just give them a paycheck. People want their lives to matter and that’s your opportunity to create an outstanding organization.

Before next week’s DCR blog arrives, take a few moments and answer those three fundamental questions. Address them with your team.  Lead.  For Pete’s sake, stand up and lead!  Never assume your team knows those answers.  Assuming is a step on the ladder of failure.

Here’s what I can now say about our team with confidence—the good as well as what can be better

  • They know PAR’s Mission and Vision.
  • They know how they’re connected to it.
  • They understand why it’s worth it.
  • PAR effectively practices gratitude. People are thanked.
  • We discuss pay and our team members are satisfied.
  • We haven’t solved the retirement issue yet.
  • Our team desires even more feedback from leadership.

Again, these are just a few of the things that we’ll be addressing in this series. We’ll tell you how we did it or how we plan to fix it.

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Ask yourself, and your team, the three fundamental Why questions.
  2. Join us each week as we share how PAR built its culture and how we plan to continue to improve upon it.
  3. Ask hard questions, challenge us, and challenge yourself.

Build an amazing place for people to work. Why? Because people are worth it.

Easy Never Changed the World –

Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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