Dear Friend,

First, thanks for taking the time to read this information regarding the #ENCW Project!

Let me bottom line this for you: The #ENCW Project is simply an effort to unite Christian radio stations and non-profit ministries with the goal of impacting one billion lives within five years.

We’re asking radio stations to mobilize their listeners to help with local ministries (like crisis pregnancy centers, rescue missions, food banks, and so on…) and commit to an annual international emphasis (such as partnering with World Concern on its 44 Cent Cure, promote child sponsorship through Compassion International or helping to rescue women and children through India Partners.) The specifics are up to each station.

It could be you are already doing these things, great! We want you to add your efforts with ours and those of other partners to help us with a goal of impacting one billion lives in five years. We also want to inspire you to consider doing a little more if you see what’s going on and like some of the ideas other partners are putting into action.

Prayer will also be a huge part of The Project. Each day, we will ask the Christian radio industry and its partners to pray for other #ENCW leaders and ministries. To help, PAR will send every Project Partner an #ENCW Project prayer card that lists each day’s partner. Then, we pray as God leads us.

After your first month as an #ENCW Project Partner, PAR’s Director of Impact, Derek Withrow, will begin contacting you to learn more about the difference(s) you and your station are making. He and his team will want to know how your station impacted lives for that month. From there, PAR will highlight World Changer stories from ministries and stations making an impact. Stories, photos, and videos of the work you’ve done will be shared with our entire Dear Christian Radio email list. This important monthly reminder will encourage and inspire other stations as we work together to impact one billion lives in five years.

What PAR is NOT asking?

  1. Not money. There is no fee for this. None. PAR is doing this simply because we have a heart of seeing the door of the gospel opened by impacting people with food, water, clothes, shoes because they are precious and created in the image of God.
  2. Not your brand integrity. We’re not asking you to lose your identity and plaster ENCW over everything. Nope. You don’t have to publicly use the #ENCW Project branding at all. All we’re asking you to do is the hard stuff … inspire your audience to go on trips or become donors to various ministry projects that you choose.
  3. Not promotion value. We’re not asking for interviews, banner ads or airtime. We’re simply asking you to give us your impact stories monthly so we can use them to inspire others in the industry. And, let us know how many people were impacted so we can inch ever closer to that number of one billion!

What PAR will do to help?

  1. We’ll give you graphics that you can use on social media and your website, if you so choose.
  2. We’ll provide a website where your projects can be highlighted and where we’ll keep track of everyone’s diverse efforts, including yours, to help us reach 1 billion lives in five years.
  3. We’ll include you as a partner and tell the industry we’re part of the march to help impact one billion lives.
  4. We’ll provide up to two (2) free ENCW t-shirts to your team. If you need more than two, we’ll sell them to you at our cost.
  5. We’ll provide your entire team with ENCW wristbands to help encourage them with stories.
  6. We’ll call you monthly and get the story and the data to help track your work. There’s nothing for you to remember.

Counting toward 1 billion

Yes, it’s a big number, but we can get there, together. The #ENCW Project has a plan for reaching one billion lives for Christ. Here’s how:

        • Listeners: We will start with the 35 million people who listen to Christian radio. We will count them as a whole–one time–not each year.
        • Concerts: We will NOT count concert attendees–that will be too difficult track, accurately. However, we WILL count the number of people who come to know Christ at those concerts and events.
        • Disasters: When a disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey, strikes an area, we will work with assisting partners to get the best estimate of lives impacted. We will also work with partners to ensure we don’t double count when establishing our figure.  Bottom line…we want to be honest.  The reports we receive from our Project Partners will help us deliver an accurate picture of lives impacted.

Our goal for the #ENCW Project is simple: Impact one billion lives in five years. Together, we can make it happen.

So, are you in?

If you can commit to partnering with us to share the ways you are making a difference, locally and globally, and you share our vision of impacting a billion lives in five years, we’d love to work with you.

Join the #ENCW Project…

Christian radio is taking notice. People are getting on board for the #ENCW Project! What is it? Why should you consider partnering with us? How can your station/organization get involved? For all the details, download the #ENCW Project Memo.

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