The Power of Response

It seems we have gotten so busy that we have lost sight of the power of response.  I’m sure you have experienced leaving phone messages that are never returned.  Or, you send emails that never get a response.  Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on all the calls, emails and texts you receive in a day?  If you’re like me, it’s probably a large number!  How important do you think it is to respond to everyone?  How do you think people feel when you don’t respond?

This is a big deal to me.  As Christians, we should respond to every phone call, every email and every text.  Why?  Because if we believe God is directing our paths every day, we will believe that God puts each of these people in our lives for a reason.  Every call we get is an opportunity to show God’s love.  Every email and every text are vehicles for us to use to let people know they are important.

A pastor once said that he answers every call because he believes God is in those calls.  He has had the privilege of having wonderful conversations and building new friendships.  Once, when he answered, the person said they had the wrong number.  He said, I don’t think you do; I think God wants us to talk.  And, he was able to help the person through a very difficult situation.

When we don’t take the time to respond, what are we saying?  I believe it sends a message that we think we are too important or too busy to engage with others.  It can be hurtful when we don’t acknowledge messages.  And, who are we to disregard other people.  Every person that reaches out to us has needs.  Maybe God wants to use us to help those people.

I challenge each of us to make responding to every message a top priority.  Every day.  Without fail.  We have the chance to show people that they matter.  We say we’re too busy.  But, are we really?  What is more important than treating others with respect by taking time to answer their phone calls, emails and texts?

We can talk about loving people all day.  We can do events.  We can have a great devotion or a great message.  But, if we don’t respond, our ability to show the love of Jesus is crippled greatly.

If you have messages left unanswered, why not go now and respond.  Show people that they are important to you.  See what God will do through you when you take a few seconds to let someone know you care enough to get back with them.  You might be surprised at the blessings you will receive!


Robyn Porterfield
Associate Vice President of Underwriting
Positive Alternative Radio


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