The Power of Insight

The Power of Insight

Dear Christian Radio,

I’ve heard a lot of talk about the ‘core listener’…listener’s age, predominantly female, career-juggling mom, soccer mom, stay-at-home mom, etc.  Honestly, I confess that hadn’t fully sunk into my brain as deep as it should…until this one call from a donor

As Partner Services for PAR, we have a high volume of phone calls from our amazing listeners and donors.  I arrived one day to a voicemail from a lady who wanted to update her declined credit card.  She asked that I please return her call that day, or she’d try and fit in a time to call me back later in the week.  I happily called but got her answering machine.  In the middle of me leaving a message, an out of breath lady answered the phone, “Hi! I’m so glad you called but can you hang on a minute, please?”  I told her, “of course, no problem.”  Then I overheard her talking to her child; giving instructions on how long to walk the dog, how far to go, to hold the leash tightly, etc.  She apologetically returned to our call and began explaining what had happened with her credit card.  We were partway through updating her card info when another child entered the conversation, “I’m hungry!  Can I have a snack?”  …Mom responded with a list of reasons; which included, “No, it’s close to dinner time; go comb your hair we have to leave for rehearsal soon.”  After giving further instructions on what she meant by “comb your hair”, she once again returned to our call and apologized profusely for all the interruptions.  (Any parent reading this is probably giggling a bit over how this conversation unfolded.)

In that moment, I realized this mom was taking precious time out of an insanely busy (perhaps normal?) day to update her card information with us so that her gift could resume.  I realized what a huge inconvenience this call was for her and yet she was determined to get this done, even while juggling many tasks and people that yearned for her attention.  I was a bit in awe of her commitment to support our ministry with all that vied for her time.

I have always been grateful for our donors.  After speaking with this dear lady, I feel as if I got to climb inside her real world a bit and it makes me that much more deeply thankful!  I won’t pretend that I always get it right with every call but I’m so glad that I didn’t sound impatient or annoyed with this lady.  I even took a moment to thank her for making time for my call.  Each time I answer the phone now I am reminded of this sweet mom and how precious time is for our listeners and donors; how awesome it is that they carve in time to speak with us!

Dear Christian Radio:

  1.    How do we make it convenient for our donors to interact with us?
  2. Are we truly expressing our gratitude for our donors?
  3. Are there improvements we can make to our gifting process?


Kayla Sanders

Director of Partner Services

Positive Alternative Radio, Inc.

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