The Discipline of Appreciation

Dear Christian Radio,

Easy Never Changed The World.

We’re all busy. One of the biggest dangers in our society is the appearance that productivity is better than relationship. In reality, healthy relationships drive productivity. In the workplace — around your radio station, in your office, in and out of the studio — we know in our head that we appreciate those around us, but when is the last time we took a moment and thoughtfully expressed our gratitude?

Because appreciation goes a long way – and, we are then tempted to force it. That can backfire. Yet, if it’s not developed through prior planning, forethought, and discipline, it will often be an after-thought.

I am pleased to share with you how PAR has developed a culture of appreciation.

First, we observe Thankful Thursdays. While some might say it’s too predictable or a mandate from on-high to find someone to thank, we’ve learned that it’s better thought of as a weekly reminder.

Second, many at PAR schedule a time (an appointment with themselves) to clear their mind and think about how someone has helped them in the past several days — then find a way to express it. This not only ensures that appreciation is shown, but that it is genuine, thoughtful, and often more heart-felt than a passing “thanks for all you do.”

Finally, PAR has partnered with Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White through the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in order to take this to the next level. We are spending time understanding how we personally prefer to receive appreciation. We also discover each other’s primary language and learn to speak those languages more fluently!

We’re all busy. It would be easy to say we don’t have time to invest in a culture of appreciation among our teams. It would be easy to not talk about it, not create an intentional focus around it, or simply to let it slide until life slows down. But… Easy Never Changed the World. Change your culture to change the world for Christ!

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Daniel Britt
Vice-President of Culture Integration
Positive Alternative Radio

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