#2 Talk Progress

Earlier this year, Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) proudly announced that it had been certified as a
Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). It is a high honor,
which is bestowed—or denied, based on the results of BCWI’s Engagement Survey.
Survey results are compiled from anonymous feedback submitted by the registered organization’s team members.

For Part II of The Transparency Project, we are looking at PAR’s three lowest rankings and sharing how we are growing in these areas. Today, we look at #2: In the last six months, someone has talked to me about my progress.

Dear Christian Radio,

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you know that PAR has recently completed the Best Christian Workplaces Institute’s Engagement Survey. One of the areas that shocked us was, “Tell me more.”

Allow me to explain…

Every full-timer at PAR meets with their local leader on a weekly basis. All leaders meet with me on a weekly basis. These meetings are not group meetings; they’re one-on-ones that happen weekly. Here’s what happens in these weekly meetings:

1) They last no longer than 30 minutes.

2)  We discuss projects, next steps on tasks, as well as how and why we’re doing both. This time and these steps also act as a barometer for each team member who works for that leader. If there is some coaching that needs to be done to help a leader, I’ll do it during our one-on-one call. If there’s praise to be done, I’ll do that in public. Here’s why…

My Dad—who was a leader in the military and in the civilian work force—once said to me,

“Remember, praise in public; coach in private.”

His point—You never want the coaching to come across as though you’re shredding someone’s dignity. Furthermore, you certainly don’t want that to happen in front of that person’s peers.

3) We use candor in these meetings. We’re honest about the issues. We give praise where it is due and we tackle problems when necessary. But candor has rules. First, we are to be respectful. Second, we attack the problem, not the person.

What did the Best Christian Workplace Survey tell us: Our teams want more of this! Wow! They want more honesty. They believe so strongly that their work matters that they want to make sure they’re doing the best things to achieve the Mission and Vision.

So how will PAR accomplish this?

  • We won’t extend the meeting, but we will spend more time during the 30 minutes helping team members see blind spots and unleash their potential to help change the world.
  • We’ve built a culture where candor is expected. Trust is so strong that our team knows we’re not there to hurt them, but to make them better.
  • They asked for it. We’re going to deliver. We will tell them more!


Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Build a culture of trust. That’s the first step to a healthy exchange of improvement. Without trust, any constructive conversation will be ignored.
  2. Introduce candor and don’t be afraid to practice it. Start with small things. Be honest. Even begin with, “I’m going to practice candor…” so the person knows what is coming. Keep practicing candor until it becomes a habit.
  3. Talk progress—Your team will want more candor. They’ll want to improve. They’ll see the results and want to grow even more.  Unleash them.


This will be hard, but remember…easy never changed the world.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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