RISK: Avoiding it is in the details

Dear Christian Radio,

You know that moment when the day of your big event arrives?  For months you’ve been planning, coordinating, delegating and preparing.  And now you’re here, with all of the anticipation and excitement that the day of your big event brings.  And then you start surveying the scene in front of you before the doors open…oh no, is that generator a fire hazard?  Is someone going to trip over the cord that’s powering your sound system?  What if something does happen – are we responsible for that?

We all have our systems for planning events – recruiting staff and volunteers to set-up, work and tear-down; making sure there is adequate space and accommodations for on-site sponsors; planning out every minute so the whole team is prepared for each activity.  But are you also making sure all of your liability bases are covered?

Sometimes all it takes is asking the question and that can relieve a mountain of anxiety on your big day.  Take time in advance of each event to ask some of these simple questions, just to make sure you’re covered:

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. Can any of your planned activities be considered “high risk?” (We all love bouncy houses for the kids, but they do carry a risk!)
  2. Can the venue you’re working with adequately accommodate your needs?
  3. Are your food partners (for on-site catering, food sales, etc) appropriately insured and can they furnish any required certificates?


Knowing about the potential risks gives you an opportunity to address them well in advance.  And in our case, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!  Ask your legal team if they have a questionnaire or other form you can use as a guide to answer all the necessary questions before they can become an issue.


Megan Billingsley

Assistant General Manager, Your ‘PER

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