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Blacksburg, VA – Positive Alternative Radio is providing its employees innovative new benefits that include time off for community service, financial counseling and access to higher education. The benefits are all aimed at job satisfaction, improved performance and long term retention, according to Brian Sanders, Executive VP of PAR.

“We know that having a talented, engaged team is critical to success,” Sanders said.

“We hope to inspire other organizations to invest in their people the way we have.”

Sanders and PAR’s VP of Culture Daniel Britt, unveiled the new benefits in a video release, which can be viewed here:

The benefits include:

1. Beginning January 1st, 2015 – each full-time PAR team member will be eligible to take two Impact Days per year. These are paid days where a team member is encouraged to volunteer at a local non-profit or serve on a mission trip. “Our goal is to see our teams changing the world. We believe we were put on this earth to leave an impact. This is a huge step in enabling our teams to do that,” Sanders said.

2. Positive Alternative Radio has contracted with Dave Ramsey’s organization and is bringing his program, Smart Dollar, to EVERY team member. Britt states, “This is a huge day. The stress in most families is centered on the topic of money. By bringing Ramsey’s program Smart Dollar to the team at PAR, we will be able to take everyone through budget planning, debt reduction, retirement planning and so much more. We care about our teams and their well being and this is another tangible way we can invest in radio’s most amazing team.”

3. The final initiative announced is tuition-free education for our full-time team members from Liberty University Online. For our part-time team members and friends and family of team members, we will be able to offer a 15% discount on tuition to Liberty University Online. Sanders comments, “We try to model a lot of our corporate culture after the Starbucks culture. Earlier in the year, Starbucks announced tuition-free education for all of their employees. That gave us the idea to see if we could offer the same benefit.

We approached Liberty University Online and they said yes! The paperwork was finalized this week and we are so honored to work with America’s premiere Christian university!”

“It’s pretty simple. Positive Alternative Radio isn’t the signals, the studios or the licenses. It’s the people. Without our teams, lives would not be impacted,” Britt said.

Edward Baker, President of PAR, added, “We want to make a statement to two segments of people. First, to the PAR team. You are valued. We want you to fulfill your dreams. When you reach your goals, PAR will reach ours. Second, this is a statement to our industry. Invest in your people. Make them a priority. If your team knows and believes that you care about them, they will care about the organization’s mission and vision.”

Positive Alternative Radio owns and operates stations in important markets in Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The stations provide adult contemporary and gospel music, as well as Christian content available across a variety of digital platforms. In providing services to fellow Christian broadcasters and a weekly blog, “Dear Christian Radio,” PAR is dedicated to helping

Christian communication ministries strive for excellence.


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