Who We Are

Eddie Baker

President/Chairman of the Board, PAR
DCR Contributor

Eddie is a man of few words, but great action. His gentle spirit and humble resolve serve as the standard for all who serve under the PAR banner. His work ethic is second to none and his influence and example is present throughout Dear Christian Radio.

Eddie received his A.S. degree from Ferrum College and his B.S. degree from Virginia Tech University. He is the son of PAR founders Dr. Vernon and Virginia Baker. He is married to wife, Judith. Together, they have four children: Alison, Diane, Alan, and Michelle.

Brian Sanders

Executive Vice President, PAR
DCR Contributor

Brian is the visionary behind both Dear Christian Radio (DCR) and the #ENCW Project.  He holds a B.S. in History and English and has completed post-graduate work in Biblical studies. He has served in radio since high school. His roles have included general manager, fundraiser, underwriter, and on-air personality. Brian is a frequent contributor to the DCR blog.

Since 2011, Brian has served as Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio. He strives to implement a passion for excellence within the Christian media industry. One of his favorite things to do is to mentor other leaders.

Brian is married to Kayla. They share one very spoiled pup named Sprocket.

Jerry Grimes

Vice President of Creative Services, PAR
DCR Contributor

Jerry was named PAR’s Vice President of Creative Services in 2017. He was already a successful and well-known strategist and creative mind within the Christian media world; however, after experiencing the #ENCW Way, Jerry elected to bring his unique energy and know how to PAR for the long-term.

Prior to joining PAR, Jerry served as Vice President of Advocace–a consulting firm that serves the needs of other Christian non-profits. Jerry’s experience also includes: Development Director for the University of South Carolina School of Law, Executive Director for Friends of Juvenile Justice, Columbia, SC; Donor Marketing Director for WAYFM Media, Colorado Springs, CO and General Manager of WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC, as well as more than 20 years of management experience in television and other media.

Jerry holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Indiana State University and a M.A. in Leadership from Columbia International University.

Frankie Morea

Vice President of Programming, PAR
DCR Contributor

Frankie has been a broadcaster for more than 30 years. His love of radio started as a teenager in Brooklyn, NY. Frankie’s radio career has brought him stops in Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia where he has served at PAR through Positive Hits PER since 1999.

Frankie’s career has given him the opportunity to enjoy many roles within the radio industry such as program director, general manager, and morning show host. He currently serves as General Manager of Your ‘PER. As PAR’s Vice President of Programming he provides coaching, consulting, and encouragement to PAR team members.

Frankie believes deeply in local Christian radio and uses his passion and enthusiasm for PAR radio stations to communicate the message of Christ with excellence.

Randy Pierce

Vice President of Underwriting, PAR
DCR Contributor

Randy provides more than 40 years of broadcast experience to PAR. He has served in many roles including: on-air talent, engineer and sales representative. Randy’s copywriting and production work have earned him more than 20 Tri Cities Advertising ADDY Awards. During his career his stations have received five nominations for Gospel Music Association and Christian Music Broadcaster “Station of the Year” Awards—winning three of the five honors.

Randy graduated through the Professional Academy of Broadcasting in Knoxville, working throughout east Tennessee during his career. Randy achieved his accreditation as a Radio Advertising Bureau Certified Radio Marketing Consultant and is a graduate of The Timothy Project.

Randy has served on the boards for Rise Up! in Johnson City, Tennessee, and Locust Springs Christian Retreat Center in Baileyton, Tennessee. He has also served on the foundation committee for east Tennessee’s first Souly Business Retreat for local businessmen.

In addition to his roles with PAR, and with DCR, Randy is a Services Partner for WCQR.

Kayla Sanders

Vice President of Partner Services, PAR
DCR Contributor

Kayla attended Louisiana College and the University of New Orleans. Her studies in education and classroom organization serve Kayla well as Vice President of Partner Services. She has served as an assistant administrator of a seminary preschool, a head lead teacher, and an office manager for a radio station.

Kayla joined PAR in 2007. She enjoys coaching PAR’s office managers—helping them to see the world through the eyes of each listener and/or donor. She has a keen eye for details and a commitment to excellence that appears in every PAR communication to donors.

Kayla is married to PAR Executive Vice President, Brian Sanders. She is equally responsible for their very spoiled pup, Sprocket.

Adam McCain

General Manager, WCQR
DCR Contributor

Adam received a B.A. in Communications from Appalachian State University with a concentration in Electronic Media and Broadcasting, along with a minor in Business Management. He serves his local Tennessee market as General Manager for WCQR. He is also the co-host of “Breakfast Radio.”

His radio career started in 2009 at PAR’s North Carolina-based Joy FM, before accepting an opportunity to become the morning show host at WCQR, in 2014. From 2014-2016, Adam served as the Director of PAR’s Listener Engagement Team.

Beyond PAR, Adam serves as Secretary on the board of Campus Christian Fellowship at Appalachian State University.

Megan Billingsley

Asst. General Manager, Your ‘PER
DCR Contributor

Megan holds both a B.A. and M.A. in Communication. She also earned a M.S. in Information & Library Science. Megan joined Positive Hits PER in 2012. Her prior experience includes ten years in secular radio where she served in various roles, including marketing director. Her passion for Christian ministry and broadcast excellence, coupled with her exceptional work ethic, has made her an invaluable asset to PAR.

Megan has been Assistant General Manager for Your ‘PER since 2015.

Debra Bourne

DCR Contributor

Debra began her journey with PAR just one month shy of receiving her B.B.A. in Finance and a minor in Religious Studies from Radford University in the spring of 2010. Originally hired as a payroll clerk, Debra quickly rose through the ranks to become Human Resources Manager and soon after Director of Accounting & Human Resources.

Debra obtained her PHR© Certification in 2014 and is currently working towards her MBA in Human Resources at Liberty University. Debra assists in other areas including corporate culture, benefits management, cash flow management, and budgeting. Her focus on staff needs and concerns has helped make PAR a certified 2017 Best Christian Workplace. Equally, her work on stewardship ensures that PAR and its family of stations remain the best possible stewards of all listener-supported gifts.

Nathan Gist

DCR Contributor

Nathan has more than a decade of radio experience. Nathan has served as PAR’s as Director of Social Media Engagement and is currently Your ‘PER’s Production Director and morning show host along with Megan Billingsley. Nathan is married to wife, Grace. They share two daughters, Elizabeth and Mikayla.

David Hodges

DCR Contributor

David entered the radio industry in 2000 as a disc jockey while attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. While there, he caught the “radio bug” and has been working on the technical side of the industry ever since. David began his radio career at Positive Alternative Radio in 2004 as an engineering technician.

David holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. As Director of Engineering, David’s know how can be appreciated in almost every capacity from computer systems, studio electronics and transmitter maintenance to FM system design. His responsibilities also entail management and strategy.

David strongly believes in the servant leadership model and believes that serving others at PAR is how he can best serve the Lord.

John Long

DCR Contributor

John has served as Editor of Dear Christian Radio (DCR) since 2016. Additionally, he serves as Operations Manager for PAR’s Joy FM. John’s experience prior to joining PAR in 2014 includes: Director of Communications for Centenary United Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, NC; Communications Manager for Pet Sitters International, King, NC; Account Executive for McKinney, Raleigh, NC; as well as more than 20 years of marketing, communications, and performance experience within the industries of radio and advertising.

John holds a B.S. in Communications with a minor in English from East Carolina University. He is currently working toward his M.A. in Strategic Communication from Liberty University.

John is married to wife, Christy. They are the proud parents of sons, Jacob and Micah.

Derek Withrow

Vice President of Culture Integration PAR, General Manager of Walk FM, DCR Contributor

Derek is committed to developing partnerships and opportunities that change neighborhoods and nations for the better. Derek’s passion is to see the world radically changed through the power of Jesus Christ.  He believes that local Christian radio in partnership with local and global ministries are the key to making it happen. This belief plays a significant role in the development and execution of The ENCW Project and its goal of one billion lives in five years.

Derek has more than seven year experience in pastoral ministry with a focus on youth ministry. His heart for kids is reflected in his love for his two amazing sons, Ezekiel and Kingston.