Our Exodus Story

Dear Christian Radio,

Broken. Dysfunctional. Toxic. 

Those are not words anyone wants associated with their organization. Nonetheless, those descriptors are how Positive Alternative Radio was once described by its own team members. But as God does in many of the stories of redemption He has authored, there has been an utter transformation at PAR. We are not who we once were, and today, we are enjoying a culture known for candor, creativity, positivity, and engagement.

So, why dredge up the past? Why put our brokenness on display for all of Christian radio to see in the video you are about to watch?

Here are three reasons why sharing this video is so important:

  1. We believe our transformation to have been divinely wrought. We see the hand of God in it very clearly, and we hope you do, too. Though there has been a lot of hard work by a lot of wonderful people involved; we give Him glory for changing things at PAR.
  2. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This powerful warning from George Santayana was repurposed in 1948 by Winston Churchill as he spoke before the House of Commons. It rings as true today as it did in the past…and we should never forget its lesson. The Children of Israel were taught to write down and remember everything that happened when the Lord rescued them from Egypt. Why? Because God did not want them to forget it! May PAR never forget where we came from, because if we ever do, we will surely go back there.
  3. We hope you can learn from our past and our mistakes. We hope that if you are sinking in a broken, toxic culture, PAR’s story will give you hope and the inspiration you need to find a path out of there.

At PAR, may we never be guilty of failing to learn from our past. And may we never forget how God rescued us.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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