Our Goal Is Simple: To Be The Best


Dear Christian Radio,

If you’re visiting this blog from another station or company, don’t be offended or read that with great hubris.

We serve the King of the universe.  He deserves and demands our best.

To put it simply, Positive Alternative Radio’s vision statement reads: “To be the standard by which all Christian media is measured.”

That’s the mountain we are trying to climb.

As we climb this mountain, we will share our experiences.

We’ll blog about the ideas we are implementing.  You’ll read what is working and what is failing.

We’ll be transparent.

We’ll invite you to comment and share your experiences.

Our goal is to be the standard.

By being the standard we will have amazing impact with the gospel, lead the industry in contagious connective content, create experiences that our friends who listen and give will never forget; create a sustainable economic model.

You’ll hear from various voices from Positive Alternative Radio.  Those voices will include Programming, Social Media, Culture Integration, HR, Accounting, Development, Office Management, Promotions, FCC, Leadership, Underwriting, Fundraising, Websites, Production, and Engineering.

In light of recent press releases and major moves this week, allow me to begin with this post from my Facebook page.

These conversations need to come to the forefront.  Instead of happening in small closed door offices, let’s get the issues on the table.

Christian radio does NOT have a content problem….

We do NOT have a talent problem….

We do NOT have a technology problem…

We do NOT have an engagement problem…

We do NOT have a product problem…the music we have is some of the best…

We DO HAVE a leadership problem…

We need leaders that will inspire their teams to win…

We need leaders who instead of waiting for the fight to land in their backyards, they make plans to launch the first strikes…

We need leaders committed to creating cultures within their stations that are creative, innovative, and addictive…

We need leaders willing to cast a vision of what their station could achieve…and create a passion level so high that their teams are willing to storm the gates to achieve it…

We need leaders willing to compete and stop believing that competing is “unchristian”… (for the record…wake up…secular radio is competing against you)

We need leaders that will invest in their teams helping them achieve their personal, professional and spiritual goals…

We need leaders that will introduce candor in our workplaces…doing so will increase speed, cut costs, and produce clarity…

We need leaders willing to risk it all…and believe radio has a future…

We need leaders to see the future…and bring it to pass…

Dear Christian Radio…we need leaders.

Leaders that are a little less like “Mister Rogers” and a little more like “Jack Welch.”

Striving to be the standard –


Executive Vice-President

Positive Alternative Radio


  • John
    Posted at 16:41h, 08 October Reply

    Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! You read my mind with this blog post. I am so glad others feel the same way!

  • Brian
    Posted at 03:05h, 09 October Reply

    I used to live in Richmond and remember your expansion to WJYJ. Your upbeat music mix and local talent kept me listening despite the static on the dial. Richmond really needed you after losing 101.1 “The One” so many years ago. I only wish PAR would had somehow gained control of CIU’s stations rather than losing their local presence to the K-love conglomerate. God Bless PAR so that it is not swallowed up as well.

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