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Dear Christian Radio…

In November 2019, I was picking my daughter up from daycare on a Thursday evening. I had a special daddy-daughter evening ahead, but I  was unsure what activity we should enjoy together. Before picking her up, I remembered that “Frozen 2”–a sequel to the ever quotable and singable “Frozen”–was premiering that night in movie theaters. For my two-year-old daughter, she couldn’t be more excited when I asked her, “Would you like to go see ‘Frozen 2’?” I couldn’t have received a more resounding “yes” answer and with that we were out the door to the movie theater.

Fast forward to 2020,  a year we will never forget. For my daughter, she still remembers going to see the movie. She even remembers what I said to her and what room of the daycare she was in when I picked her up. That memory is now engrained inside her–a part of who she is. We, as a society, will never be the same for the experiences we have been through this year. They will define who we are, the decisions we make moving forward, and how we experience life.

Our future will be defined by the decisions we make today. The decisions we make for our ministries are no different. I have circled back to the song “The Next Right Thing”, from “Frozen 2”, a number of times since that cold November when we watched the premiere. It has lessons that can show us the path forward. We, as leaders in our ministries, must always be striving to do the next right thing for the people that we serve. We have an obligation to our ministries and to our Lord Jesus Christ to do so.

In the movie, the song is sung by the heroine Anna when she is in her darkest moment. 

“I’ve seen dark before but not like this … the life I knew is over.” 

Those words echo a hopelessness that I myself have felt this year. Unprecedented hopeless. As a leader, you may have had these same feelings and wanted to know what to do next.

For Anna, she starts to see some hope as she takes her first steps away from hopelessness. She sings…

“Just do the next right thing. Take a step, step again. It is all that I can do.” 

Yes, it can be that simple (or that hard). Take the next step. Make a commitment to the people you serve in your ministry that honors them. Do the next right thing. Stand up for your team. Stand up for those who need you. Be the leader that they need to lead them out of darkness. That step may not be easy, but easy never changed the world

She continues in her song…

“I won’t look too far ahead. It’s too much for me to take. But break it down to this next breath, this next step, this next choice is one that I can make.” 

Take ten minutes today and plan how you want your ministry to look in a week, a month or even six months from today. What is important for your ministry, what needs to be retained, and what practical steps can you take to get there? This list will help guide you in the decisions that you make. Refer back to them often as a litmus test for your decision making.

Anna finishes with a climatic build to the last steps we must all take…

 “So I’ll walk through this night, stumbling blindly toward the light,
and do the next right thing. And with the dawn, what comes then?
When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again?
Then I’ll make the choice, to hear that voice, and do the next right thing.”

It’s an unprecedented time and leading our ministries have been like walking blindly in the dark. We, as Christian leaders, know that we have the greatest light in the entire world in our Savior Jesus Christ. We can bring light to a dark world by serving Him and His people.

Dear Christian leader, listen to that voice inside you. The one that is leading you to do what is best for your ministry. Take those small steps. Make a plan. Adapt. Lead. Mess it up and then try again. Do the next right thing and you’ll find yourself leading in the light.

Remember these words today:

  • We are living in unprecedented times. There is hope!
  • Make a commitment to ‘do the next right thing’ with regard to important decisions within your ministry.
  • Take practical steps on where you want  to take your ministry.


David Hodges
Director of Engineering
Positive Alternative Radio

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