Not Another Commercial

Dear Christian Radio,

What is one of the biggest tune out factors at your favorite radio or television station?  Normally it is the commercials, right? Commercial radio stations and TV bombard you several times an hour. A thirty minute television show normally has seven to eight minutes of commercials back to back…to back. Cable now gives you the ability to fast forward through them, but radio still has you listening…or pushing the scan button.

We appreciate the businesses that love our ministry so much that they gladly partner with us. Remarkably, most listeners love the music so much that they don’t mind the additional information. Every business desires ROI (Return on Investment), but most Chirstian business owners love the difference Christian radio makes in their communities. It gives them the opportunity to tell their customers about Jesus Christ.  After all, our listeners are their customers–and we hope that their customers turn out to be our listeners.

Listener-supported Christian radio stations are different from commercial stations in many ways. For one, Christian radio loves the opportunity to thank business partners. At PAR stations, we do so by highlighting them as one of only two featured businesses in one of our two breaks per hour.

Underwriting messages afford Christian stations the opportunity to tell devoted listeners up to three things about these faithful businesses. Equally, listeners will be given information on the business’ webpage and physical address. It’s not uncommon for listeners to stop by and thank those businesses for supporting their radio station. Listeners do this because they have taken ownership in the radio station’s success. That’s a huge win for the station, the business, and the community.

Every radio station in the market can dig through ratings to find out where they are ranked. They can see if they are among the top five stations, or drill down into mornings, afternoons, and even that one hour late on Sunday evening. Even so, stations that offer more than just ratings are of greater value to their listeners and communities. Christian radio can tell a story that commercial radio simply can’t. Listeners can hear messages about how the music ministered to people during their darkest moments. It also provides continuous encouragement to those who are already on the mountaintop.

Christian radio listeners and the customers of our business partners are the same people. They faithfully send their monthly support to their radio station to ensure that it stays on the air. In addition, they are the same people who understand the importance of supporting these local underwriting businesses. They do these things because they want to support what’s important to their families and communities. Christian underwriting is not another commercial…it’s community ministry at work.


Randy Pierce
Vice President of Underwriting
Positive Alternative Radio

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