#ENCW The Next Steps

Dear Christian Radio,

You’re back home after a few days in south Florida attending CMB’s Momentum conference.  You got to see old friends, make new ones, sweat, hear some amazing speakers, sweat some more, grab one or two great ideas to implement, sweat even more and eat some Mickey ice cream!  

While you were at CMB, we hope we got to meet you.  You probably saw us walking around with #ENCW and hopefully were moved by the inspirational video that said,  “Easy Never Changed the World”.  

But now what?   What are you supposed to do?   Does life just go on as normal?


It’s time to lead.   Even if you aren’t the President of a ministry or the GM of a station, it’s time to lead.

I want to encourage you to do three things…

  • Gather your team and watch the #ENCW video together.
  • With your team, work your way through the five #ENCW questions.
  • After you meet with your team and have the conversation, we’ll send you and each member of your team an #ENCW t-shirt.

You heard all this amazing material at Momentum. 
You were challenged to go and change the world.  
Now…how do you do it?

It all begins with a conversation with your team. 

Here are the five questions we propose you discuss:

  1. It’s 2019. What does your organization look like? What has it accomplished? What are the first three steps you need to take to see those dreams accomplished?

    2. What ONE conversation do you need to have at your organization that will be hard but will help you win?

    3. What ONE project will you do in the next 12 months that will SCARE your team but will also INSPIRE them?

    4. What is ONE step you can take to help grow income?

    5. What ONE thing can you do to let your team know that they are loved, valued and making a difference?


Breathe deep.  Some of those are tough questions.   They’ll take you way outside of your comfort zone.   But you must have the conversations.  The future of your organization depends on it.  Your team is yearning for a vision and something to believe in.  

Allow me to make one thing clear:  PAR has not arrived.  We don’t write Dear Christian Radio from a position of superiority.  We’re not here saying, “We have this figured out.”  We’re here saying, “We’re in the fight as well.  Let’s help each other.”  

Instead of hiding all our secrets in the closet, we’ve decided to share them.  To be open about the struggle of Christian Radio.  

So, we’re ready to help.  There are 15 PAR leaders prepared to brainstorm with you.   Why do this?  We want you to have the conversations.  We want Christian radio to win.  

Dear Christian Radio…

  • Watch the #ENCW video.
  • Email me at [email protected]. We’ll help you set up the meeting, how to brainstorm and get you started down the path.  
  • Have the meeting. Ask the questions.  
  • Let us know you had the meeting and some of the results, and we’ll send each team member an #ENCW t-shirt.
  • Keep the conversation going. Keep meeting.  Keep asking questions.  Assign out tasks. Equip your team. Encourage them.  Keep them accountable.  You can do this!!!

There’s a world that needs to be changed. 

This will be hard. 

It will scare you.

But remember….easy never changed the world.



Brian Sanders
Executive Vice-President
Positive Alternative Radio

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