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Dear Christian Radio,

Easy Never Changed the World.

If you want to make a difference, you’re going to have to do hard things and stretch yourself more than you think is possible right in this very moment. I personally think one of the hardest things in any business is defining the mission through which everything will be filtered. A mission clearly defines what an organization is after it is inspiring, motivating, and encapsulates a feeling that pulses through your organizations culture.

At Positive Alternative Radio, our mission statement is very simple, but powerful: to create and deliver experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.

The funny thing about a mission statement is this….defining it alone is not the end! In fact, it’s only the beginning. A mission should be alive within your organization, and serves as a filter through which you can determine what your best “yes” is.

If we want the mission to truly become part of the culture, and not just a tagline, we as leaders need to become intentional about making it part of the culture. Here are some things we’ve started to do in order to bring our mission to life:

  • Ask yourself, with everything, how does this align with the mission? Perhaps you’re considering an event, a promotion, a contest, or even just an on-air break. Simply asking yourself and your team how this aligns with the mission can be a great way to keep it front of mind. For our stations, we ask “how will this (insert campaign here) inspire her to live passionately for Jesus Christ?”

  • Don’t be afraid to say no. After going through the above exercise, what if you find that what you’re considering really doesn’t align with the mission? It could be a great idea, but when you get down to brass tacks, it doesn’t help drive that mission forward. You could take some time to build the idea out a bit, and see if there are elements you can adjust in order to get that alignment you’re looking for. Alternatively, it could be possible that this idea, while great in theory, will not help you live out your mission. In that case, it is okay to say no! Just focus on the positive side of a no….rather than think of what you could be missing out on, think about what opportunities you could be opening your group up to by saving that time/energy/resource.

  • Seek out ways to breathe life into your mission. I am a big fan of brainstorming sessions with our team. When you pull together a group of creative people, there is no limit to what you can come up with! Any time you start to feel the mission slipping, or getting out of focus, get the team together and brainstorm. You have amazing people working for you leverage those skills and ideas! This will not only help your team feel more valued by having the chance to speak into things, but it will help to motivate everyone, and will most likely lead to some incredible mission-driven activities.

  • Be passionate about the mission. As a leader, you have a huge influence on how your team responds to the mission. You set the example, they follow you. If you are excited about the mission, genuinely excited and passionate about it, then they will be too! If you treat your mission as if it is just “meh,” then they will too. Model the behavior you want to see its contagious!

  • Encourage and reward mission-aligned behaviors. You get a front seat, every day, to the action within your station’s walls. You can spread your passion about the mission to the team by encouraging them to be passionate, and rewarding them when you see those behaviors that do drive the mission forward.

  • Pray. I know, it’s the answer to all things, right? It really is! Do you pray as a team together? (If not, you should!) When you pray with your team, ask God to bless your mission, and ask Him to open your hearts and minds to those opportunities that will bring people closer to Him. With our mission being about inspiring her to live passionately for Jesus Christ, our prayer would be that our words, our actions, our imaging, everything we do draws her closer to Christ.

Our mission is not something to be hung on the wall and forgotten. It is the lifeblood of our ministry, and the focus that will drive our ministry forward. And as leaders within our stations, it’s up to us to keep that mission exciting and alive! It’s not easy, but like we said, easy never changed the world. So go, change the world!

We’d like to offer you a t-shirt that says #ENCW. It doesn’t say PAR. It doesn’t have any of our stations on it. It’s a reminder to you to do hard things.

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Megan Billingsley

Your ‘PER Assistant General Manager &  FCC Compliance Coordinator for PAR.

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