Make Every Impression Count


Dear Christian Radio,

This week holds another first for us here at PAR.  We will be having an Office Manager Retreat!  …This Thursday and Friday we will be hosting our station Office Managers here in Blacksburg for a time of pampering, bonding and showing appreciation.  I am so excited!   Picture the 10 of us in the same room, some being in the same physical space for the very first time after years of working together at PAR!  There will be much laughter I’m sure and I pray that it will be a time of sweet fellowship.

If you are blessed to have an Office Manager at your local station, you likely grasp how priceless this individual is to your station.  Perhaps your title for this person is a little different…Administrative Assistant, Receptionist or Secretary.  This individual is likely the person at your station who answers the phones, responds to emails, greets visitors, makes sure supplies are stocked, attends events, recruits and manages volunteers during Sharathon, takes care of product distribution, manages your billing and logs, assists other team member with office tasks, ETC!   I’ve barely scraped the surface on the variety of roles this team member fulfills.  (Some of our Office Managers also manage to juggle an on-air shift!)  We have chosen a unique title for our Office Managers.  They are our “Impressionistas”.

What has become clear to us is this individual is right on the front lines.  This team member creates a lasting impression with your listeners and donors.  Often this person protects GM’s and other team members from some ‘interesting’ calls or visits.  Our Office Managers are intentional about creating and delivering experiences for listeners and donors, as well as other team members; wanting to inspire them to live passionately for Jesus Christ.  They value excellence and it shows by how smoothly everything runs at their local station.  Have you noticed how crazy things tend to be when this individual is on vacation?!  I recently heard one of our GM’s say, “we can’t wait for our Impressionista to return and she’s only been gone two days; we’ve got to make it through Friday yet!”

So, YES we are excited and proud to celebrate this team later this week.  We will have a few brainstorming sessions; enjoy some meals together; even play a few games.  We will praise a job well done and will enjoy spoiling our team.  We won’t ask them to answer a single phone or type even one email.  We will gift them a few minutes of quiet and a whole lot of thankfulness!

I would strongly encourage you to find ways to express your appreciation to your Office Manager.  Sometimes what’s seemingly the smallest gesture, a note of thanks or their favorite candy bar, goes a really long way.  Let us never assume that they already know how valuable they are to our stations.

Dear Christian Radio:

  1. Be selective about who fills this role – your first impression is important!
  2. Reward excellence.  We will present our first Impressionista of the Month award this week!
  3. If, like us, you have a network of stations…create opportunities to knit this team of individuals together – be it via weekly video conferencing or some type of a gathering, where bonding can occur.

Kayla Sanders

Director of Partner Services, PAR

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