Love Thy P1 Listeners…And Win!

Dear Christian Radio,

As a leader of a Christian music station, you want God to use your station to change your community for Christ.  One of the fundamental ways your station can influence this change is by growing your audience.  At PAR, our family of stations relentlessly pursue and brainstorm ways to grow cume.  That’s a good thing, because more cume means more positive impact and influence for Jesus!

Growing your cume begins with a long-term strategy, but to achieve long-term success, it is imperative that your station love on your P1 listener. While your P1 listener is the smaller piece of your overall audience, they are the most loyal.  Consider them the oil in the engine that allows you to do what you do! 

Your P1 listener knows your name, shows up to concerts and events, volunteers for your outreach projects, and gives financially because he or she believes in your mission!  Your P1 listener is the lifeblood of everything your station is about.  It is for this reason that you and your staff must find ways to super serve your P1 listener if you truly want to accomplish your goals.  

Here are some practical ways you can keep your P1 relationships strong and growing:

  • Only play their favorite music – Your music director is flying blind without good solid music research. Make music research a priority for your station.  Find out what songs your P1s love and play them constantly until they tell you to stop.

One of the quickest ways to extinguish the passion of your P1s is to mix your art with weak science.  

  • Only talk about the things they care about the most – Your P1s choose your station for very specific reasons.  While they may not remember everything you say, they will always remember how you made them feel.  

You must find out why they come to you and talk about those things relentlessly.

  • Don’t take them for granted – Find ways to love on your P1s constantly! Call them, pray with them—and most importantly—thank them for listening.  Put on special events so your team can get to know them.  This humble act gives you the opportunity to delight them.

Listen to them and they will listen to you.

Your competitors know the importance of your P1 listeners.  So, when they show up in your town, it will be your P1s they’ll be after.  Your competition doesn’t want the whole pie…just a nice thick P1 slice.  However, if you genuinely love on your P1s, when the other guys move in it simply won’t matter because the bond between your station and your P1s will be too strong to overcome. 

Radio friend, heed this warning…If you neglect your P1s or take them for granted you will eventually find yourself in trouble.  If you don’t make serving them a priority it will leave the relationship vulnerable.  Your P1s can’t just be acquaintances—make them your dearest, closest friends!  Love thy P1s, well.   

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Do you take your P1 listeners for granted?
  2. Are you investing resources into the relationship?
  3. Do you give them what they want or what you think they want?



Frankie Morea
Vice President of Programming
Positive Alternative Radio

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