#1 Live Your Mission

Earlier this year, Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) proudly announced that it had been certified as a
Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). It is a high honor,
which is bestowed—or denied, based on the results of BCWI’s Engagement Survey.
Survey results are compiled from anonymous feedback submitted by the registered organization’s team members.

Here, we will look at the highest-ranking result—The mission and goals at my organization make me feel my work is important—and show you how to reflect those same positive values within your own organization.

Dear Christian Radio,

Our current series, The Transparency Project, has been taking you through PAR’s results of The Best Christian Workplaces Institute’s Engagement Survey. This topic—The mission and goals at my organization make me feel my work is important—was the highest ranked item in which PAR scored. What was it? 

The team stated boldly and clearly, “The mission and goals at my organization make me feel my work is important.”

In other words, we LIVE THE MISSION.

Our Mission at PAR states: “We will change the world by creating and delivering experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.” It impacts everything we touch: Letters, on-air breaks, events, donor interaction, team member coaching, marketing, production, websites, social media…the list goes on. 

We’ve successfully created a prism through which we filter everything. If it doesn’t create and deliver experiences that inspire peoplethen we simply don’t do it. But there’s a bonus here…  

This mission statement and the work which flows from it INSPIRE THE TEAM.  

Because this is the mission statement…
Because this is what we do…

The team at PAR knows they are not wasting their lives.  

Not only do they create the experiences, they get to read and hear the stories of the changed lives. Something magical happens when a team doesn’t just work, but they themselves are inspired to change the world.  

PAR’s Mission doesn’t just live on a wall. 

We repeat it often.
We discuss how it impacts what we do.
We open and close meetings with it.
We illustrate how it is working.  

What’s the benefit to your team if everyone is living the mission?

  • Happier teams.
  • Very high employee retention rate.
  • Team members feel fulfilled. 
  • They are can connect their lives to a purpose for which God created them. 


Don’t just create a job for people. Create a purpose. By doing so, you’ll unleash a team that will give their all. If you want to know what the secret sauce is at PAR…this is it.

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Live the mission. It must come off the wall. Repeat it often. Use it to make decisions.  
  2. Illustrate the impact of the mission. Tell stories. Read letters.  
  3. Preach purpose. God makes us for a purpose. Working at your organization and changing the world is a part of that purpose. Preach that often! 


This isn’t easy….but remember…easy never changed the world.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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