Keep Moving

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

-Isaiah 40:31

Dear Christian Radio,

Have you ever found yourself in a busy season? I’m not talking about your typical work week. I’m referring to those seasons of life when you find yourself in a place where you have to literally force yourself to keep going. I’m sure that you have…we all have. Thankfully, those seasons only come every once in a while.

The fall of 2018 was one of those seasons for me. It was a time where I wrestled with just getting out the door to face the day. Every morning, I felt like calling in “sick” or hiding in the dark of my basement with only a blanket and television remote to comfort me. This was my life every day…and there were real reasons why.

I am the General Manager for Walk FM, which serves Ashland, Kentucky along with Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia. As my life was beginning its downward spiral, the station was gearing up for its Fall Fundraiser. If you’ve ever managed and/or hosted an on-air fundraiser then you know that these events bring with them a high level of stress. However, this one carried additional pressures. The station was pursuing a lofty financial goal—its largest ever—with a cut off of 10 days. One team member had just gotten married and was going through the typical newlywed process of honeymoon travel, moving in, and the rest. At the same time, another team member was preparing to get married in a little more than a month. Walk FM had become an insanely busy place for me—both personally and professionally.

And then…

On September 26, my wife and I welcomed our third child into the world—Gavynn, our little baby girl. The past few months at our house had been crazy as we prepared to welcome our newest blessing into the family. Prior to her birth, my evenings and free time had consisted of setting up the crib, readying the nursery, baby-proofing the house, and other important dad stuff. Now she was here, but the moment was fleeting.

Just minutes after being born, Gavynn was rushed to the NICU. Hours became days and days transformed into more than a month of heartache as she remained in intensive care. Emotionally, we were done. Physically, we were exhausted. Our routine had been disrupted. Our new normal was filled with questions, guilt, worry, anxiety, and all the emotions a parent could feel in this kind of scenario. Terrible things don’t reduce one’s responsibilities in other areas of life. So, as this nightmare continued to play out between home and the hospital, I, perhaps stoically, found a way to lead Walk FM’s fall fundraiser forward as planned. Honestly, it was hard to keep moving, but God made a way.

People look to different things to give them strength during times of crisis. For some, it’s as simple as a breath of fresh air or a few motivating words from the right person. However, for me, it was these three things that got me through:

  • The Holy Spirit and God’s Word – Philippians 4:13 came to my mind a few times, as did Isaiah 40:31.
  • My Wife – We shared this struggle together. She was a huge source of encouragement for me! Together, we are one in this ministry—my call is to be in Christian radio and she felt called to be married to someone in Christian radio. Simply awesome!
  • My Team – One of the best things a GM can have is a solid team. I’ve worked hard to invest in them, give them opportunities, train them up, and build trust. Such an investment paid dividends for me during the hard times. It was my team that got Walk FM ready for its fundraiser and they led us through the event, while keeping me afloat.

Gavynn is finally home—happy and healthy. While we would never want to go through such heartache again, my wife and I came out stronger as a result of this experience. Meanwhile, my team demonstrated their own capacity for leadership in a time when I needed them most. There’s a lesson there.

Dear Christian Radio…

 1. Keep Going – When you find yourself debating your ability to juggle all that life can throw at you, keep going. Remind yourself and others that this is your life’s calling.

 2. Keep Aiming – Make sure your ministry’s mission and vision are big enough to motivate you through difficulty.

 3. Keep Moving – When you become overwhelmed by your personal and professional life, lean on God. His word will encourage you to keep moving forward. Your team can give you courage…never surrender.

Jeremy Wolfe
General Manager, Walk FM
Positive Alternative Radio

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