Is Your Facebook Audience Ignoring Your Brand?

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Dear Christian Radio,

Is Your Facebook Audience Ignoring Your Brand?

It’s no secret that Brands want to engage people on Facebook. The problem comes when Brands only talk about themselves and forget that we (the users) are there to hangout with our friends.  The ignoring, un-liking, and general annoyance comes when Brands begin to push themselves into our conversations. As a matter of fact Web-content and customer- experience-management provider Kentico Software highlighted some of the challenges faced by brands on Facebook, as it surveyed of more than 300 adults aged 18 and up and found that the majority of them usually ignore posts by brands.

  • Kentico found that 68 percent of respondents “never” or “hardly ever” pay attention to brands’ posts on Facebook. 
  • 40 percent of respondents do not like brands on Facebook at all, while 39 percent said they liked one to 10, 7 percent said they liked 11 to 20, and 6 percent said they liked 21 to 30.
  • Of those who like brands on Facebook, 39 percent did so in order to receive special offers, while 12 percent did so due to recommendations from friends, and just 8 percent were seeking more information.
  • The most common reasons for unliking or unfollowing brands were uninteresting posts (32 percent) and too many posts (28 percent).

So, where does that leave us?

Right back to our purpose for being on Facebook in the first place…

We are there to connect with our audience in a way that inspires them, engages them, and reminds them that we are their friends.

Kentico Founder and CEO Petr Palas said in a release announcing the findings:  “While our latest Digital Experience Survey may be bad news to some, it only reinforces our notion that the social media efforts of a company need to be measured by community engagement, rather than likes or follows. Equally critical is content that is compelling and personalized whenever possible to maintain the interest of people who may have become somewhat impervious to the constant bombardment of various marketing messages today.”

Remember, you’re not just putting up a post, you are looking for a way to connect with your friends!

Dear Christian Radio,

1.  Think about the reasons why you and your family use social media. Never forget your audience is there for the same reasons.

2.  If it annoys you, it will annoy your audience! Look for ways to connect, if you can’t find them… create them!

3.  Never underestimate the power of a post to connect or offend. Everything you post makes an impact one way or the other!

Nathan Gist

PAR Director of Social Media Engagement

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