#ENCW Question 3: Inspire Them

Dear Christian Radio,

Comfortable kills.  The victims of comfort include: mission, vision, morale, and the future.  Lose those, and you lose the ability to effectively grow your organization.  Furthermore, your team members will stop dreaming and, ultimately, wither under the influence of complacency.

So, when is the last time you dreamed…I mean, really dreamed BIG!  We’re talking so big that the only way the dream could ever come to pass was if God got involved?  Well, if you’re not already a dreamer, I encourage you to go read #ENCW: Question 1: Dream Again.  For those already devoted to dreaming, here’s an important caveat: You can’t just dream.  Once you dream it—whatever it is—you have to be willing to take a leap of faith and follow God.

Comfort is the enemy of dreams.  Comfort affects both the leader and the team.  For the leader, comfort is like water—drowning the fire that should be in the belly of any leader.  For the team, they simply follow the leader.  If the leader is absent of passion, then, the team will follow suit. Through your example, they will either ‘phone it in’ or hunger for a challenge.  

Walk the halls of any organization marred by comfort and you’ll find a lifeless culture.  Oh, you’ll see people buzzing about doing their work. You’ll even hear laughter in the breakroom.  However, what you won’t hear or see are new ideas.  New ideas challenge what has always been done by replacing the status quo with new strategies.  Organizations that cultivate ‘clock punchers’ instead of motivated thinkersthose persons who can’t wait to get in there and change the world—need to step back and reevaluate everything.  Yes, my friends, comfort kill.

But dreams….dreams inspire!

If you’ll dream big enough, you’ll give your team a TRUE reason to come to work.  Accomplishing the dream will be the reason they work in your organization—the paycheck will just be seen as a bonus.  With all of this in mind, we arrive at today’s question (#ENCW: Question 3).

Q3: What ONE project will you do in the next 12 months that will SCARE your team, but will also INSPIRE them?

People want their lives to matter.  As a Christian leader, it is your job to equip them with purpose, so they can clearly see that God has them on this planet, in part, to achieve the BIG dream.  By doing so, you unlock untold passion.  If we were able to have honest conversations with our team members, we would learn that most of them—in fact, most people—think they don’t matter.  Sadly, they believe their work doesn’t matter, either. So, why not give them a dream SO BIG that they’ll never think that again!?!  Dreams spark electricity among a team.  A team that has a big common vision will have passion.  They’ll not only push each other, but keep one another accountable, as well.

As the leader, the burden now shifts to you.  You can’t just make one speech and hope to change the course of your ministry or increase the motivation of your team.  The dream must become part of your daily chatter.  It needs to be the lead item in every staff meeting.  The team needs to see you doing projects to achieve the dream, not just assigning items to be done.

Now…your team will never tell you this, but they will be scared.  Their thoughts will range from, “Can I do this?” to “This is crazy!”  Your job is to pour enough confidence into their spirits that fear becomes a distant memory.

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. Does your team have a dream? Is it so big and grand that it inspires them?
  2. Are you living and breathing the dream daily and helping the team to believe it?
  3. As the leader, it’s up to you to dream it, believe it, live it, breathe it and bring it to pass.

Yes, it will be tough, but there is victory on the horizon.  Remember, comfort kills and easy never changed the world.



Brian Sanders
Executive Vice-President
Positive Alternative Radio

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