The #ENCW Project: Hurricane Harvey Response

Dear Christian Radio,

By now, you have seen the horrible devastation of Texas wrought by Hurricane Harvey, the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in more than a decade. I’m sure with every heart wrenching photo and video, you’ve thought of ways your organization can help.

May I humbly suggest that this is unplanned, but a potentially powerful opportunity for us to launch our work together as partners in the #ENCW Project? What better way to begin to change the world than by meeting this very real need?

My prayer is that although the bond we have forged is still new, it is nonetheless strong enough for us all to work together to meet this unprecedented challenge. I believe that if we can share what each other is doing, we might be able to find ways to support one another and make an even bigger impact.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to a special conference call later today, Monday, August 28th, at 3:30 pm EDT. You can join by clicking this link: It’s a Zoom video conference call. You may need to download some software – just a heads up.

Perhaps your station is looking for a way to help?

I will be sharing one way Positive Alternative Radio has found to respond and help Texas. Here are some key facts:


  • Our efforts are largely going to be centered around what God’s Pit Crew is doing to help. GPC, a trusted 501c3 Christian ministry with a great track record of responding in disasters, has already dispatched multiple tractor trailers to Texas.


  • Each truckload contains hundreds of “Blessings Buckets.” These are sealed, 5-gallon containers with emergency items, like food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, water, a Bible and a personal note from a believer with words of comfort. The “Blessing Buckets” have been well received in other disasters, and have helped bring countless people to Christ.


  • This week each PAR station will be asking listeners to call God’s Pit Crew and help provide Blessing Buckets, which cost $35, as well as donations for fuel for the trucks. Please note: PAR stations will not be doing a day of fundraising like a Sharathon. Instead, during our regular breaks, hosts will be asking listeners to get involved. This is purely service on our part. PAR is not making any money through this effort, and all funds will go to help God’s Pit Crew and their work in Texas responding to Hurricane Harvey. You can check out God’s Pit Crew’s work by clicking the link.


God’s Pit Crew is one of several organizations to consider helping. On the call, we’d like to hear your ideas and share information. Our thought is we could pray for one another and inspire one another through the #ENCW Project.

We’d also like to offer to provide “Pray for Texas” and other graphics with the #ENCW Project for you to consider using in social media or on your websites. Audio from our friends at God’s Pit Crew, as well as some photos and video, could also be made available.

The bottom line is, we can all do something to help, and we’re willing to offer up the uniting platform of the #ENCW Project to make an even larger impact for the Kingdom.

Let’s change the world together, starting with Texas!

Please confirm you can make the conference call by responding to this email with a simple “I’ll be there!”



Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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