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Dear Christian Radio,

Every time we crack the mic …

Every time we shake hands and kiss babies …

Every time we interact with the public … we are thinking about how we can best serve people.

Dear Christian Radio … let me ask you a question.  When you think about serving people, do you think about serving your team?

You have heard how important it is to build a relationship with your listeners.  Why?  Because when you build a relationship with them, they have a buy-in to who you are.  When they believe in who you are and what you stand for, they want to support you in achieving your goals.  They want to help you reach others.

Why then would we not want to build the same relationship with our own team?  Isn’t it just as important to have them buy in to who you are and what you stand for?  What impact will your team be able to make if they do not feel as strongly connected to the organization as your listeners and donors do?

Just as we nurture our listeners, we need to be ready to nurture our team.  We need to focus on building them up just as high as we’re building our listeners.  By building our team we are increasing the potential of those that should be our biggest supporters.  The team needs to know you care about them just as much as you care about your biggest monetary donor.

So, how can you serve your team and nurture your relationship?  Take an interest in who they are and not just what they do.  Sit down with them more often than when it’s time to complete a required review process.  Work with them regularly in all aspects of their life.

Yes, you should want know what their professional goals are and how you can help them get there.  However, you should also want to know what their personal goals are.  You should want to know what their spiritual goals are.  Have you thought about helping them reach those goals, or even better how their employment relationship with your station could play a part in them reaching those goals?

Get to know your team.  Learn what they are looking for in order to fulfill their goals in life.  Why?  A large part of your team’s life is spent helping you fulfill your goals.

Think of it this way: If you focus on serving your team … your team can focus on serving you.

Dear Christian Radio,

  1. When you think about serving, don’t forget about serving your team.
  2. Focus on nurturing your team as much as you nurture your listeners and donors.
  3. If you focus on serving your team … your team can focus on serving you.

Debra Bourne

Director of Accounting & Human Resources

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