High-Tech High-Touch

Here’s a quote I heard recently: “In a world of high tech, people need high touch.”

Do you think this is true? 

Part of how we must be intentional about maintaining our culture of caring, leading, influencing and being a servant to those around us is how we are perceived.

The old cliche’, “perception is reality” has a lot of truth to it.  You might be a productivity ninja; constantly on top of your email, getting things done, delegating, following up, systematic and handling everything that comes your way with incredible speed and efficiency. However, if all of that is done behind the solitude of email, text, and closed doors, what relationship vibe have you given off? What have you just contributed to the organization’s culture?

Balance is in order. A lesson in productivity martial arts would be quite helpful for most of us. We need to learn how to handle the myriad of ideas, tasks and information coming our way. We also need to be human in our interaction and not just transactional.

Here’s a sobering question: Why do you avoid telephone or face to face?

I’ll tell you my answer: it’s quicker to email or text. I feel I’ll get more done, faster. I can get 12 things checked off my to-do list versus maybe 4 if I conduct face-to-face or telephone conversations. 

Investing in each other by giving our time, listening, expressing emotion and simple being available — in the long run — will actually increase trust, cooperation, synergy, and, yes, productivity, efficiency, & black-belt speed in the mission we are here to accomplish. Initial investment of time up-front (rabbit trails, small talk, social skill issues), but better culture, working conditions, and honest teammate-to-teammate caring will be the preferred outcome in the long run!


Dear Christian Radio:

  1. With tons of tech, are you using that technology to build in reminders and disciplines to have a face-to-face interaction?
  2. How are you fostering real relationships beyond the text message or email reply?
  3. Could you afford to build in a buffer into your schedule where nothing is scheduled except to “be available, walk the halls, pay a visit, or make a call?” Could you afford not to?


Daniel Britt .::. VP of Culture Integration

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