Good Company: Who’s On Board with the #ENCW Project

Dear Christian Radio,

Your friend is asking you to come along for a party at someone else’s house. What’s the first question that comes to mind? It’s probably something along the lines of…

“Well, okay, who else will be there?”

It’s only understandable that you have some similar questions in mind about the #ENCW Project. Who has already signed up? What has been their experience so far, and how did they make the decision to join? May I please tackle those today with this short blog?

There are more than 70 stations and ministries on board with the #ENCW Project, and more and more are signing up every week. You can check out the growing list of participating partners, here.

Because the #ENCW Project’s vision is to work together and impact one billion lives in five years, we’ve attracted ministries both large and small. So what’s the common denominator? Well, once these leaders understood how simple and easy it was to join, they couldn’t wait to sign their organizations up. Many have told us that signing up is a “no brainer.”

“We see nothing but upside for our ministry clients to be part of the #ENCW Project,” said David Harms, president of i58:10 Media. “By tracking all that is done to change the world, we can encourage each other in Christian radio and at the same time see specifically how God uses us to make a difference for His Kingdom.”

One of the larger organizations to say “yes” to #ENCW is WAY Media with over 100 signals in markets from Denver to Nashville to West Palm Beach. They jumped on board just after CMB’s Momentum. Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker told us that the project fits WAY Media’s ethos of being engaged in the community.

“WAY-FM is all about serving its listeners in local markets. We take community impact very seriously, so joining forces with other like-minded stations for the #ENCW Project makes perfect sense. We’re tracking our own efforts anyway, and adding them to those of others and having a goal of one billion lives in five years inspires our team,” said Lloyd.

But the #ENCW Project isn’t just for larger ministries like WAY. All kinds of stations serving local markets are involved, like 88.3 The Journey in Keene, Texas.

“In my building, during Sharathon, we talk to our listeners about being part of something that is bigger than themselves. Seems like that could apply to our own lives and our own stations, as well,” said General Manager Mike Agee. “If Christian radio is really about making a difference in our listeners’ lives and impacting lives for the kingdom, then why wouldn’t you want to be involved with an opportunity to impact a billion souls for the kingdom? Look what Christian radio was able to accomplish in just a few days after Hurricane Harvey.  We are stronger together.”

Colleen Dick, Market Manager of WWIP in Chesapeake, Virginia has also embraced the #ENCW Project and sees benefits for her station.

“Even though WWIP is a smaller standalone station, we were still encouraged to participate in the #ENCW Project because we do quite a bit of local community outreach and international mission focus on the station already,” she told us. “We hope this project will keep us moving forward on making an impact and show other stations the value of working together for a common purpose.  Join us and get started by signing up today.”

While the #ENCW Project is a perfect fit for any community-focused radio station, some wondered if the project will be burdensome on their staff members.

“We hesitated a little,” one station manager told us. “Because we know our team is already stretched to the limit. But when we saw that we could report our efforts by just sharing what we’re already doing, it became really clear that partnering could be done with minimal effort.”

Let me clear this up right now. We’re doing everything we can at PAR to make being an #ENCW Project Partner easy. That’s why we’re assigning special coordinators from our team to every participating organization to make reporting go smoothly. Our PAR Impact Director Derek Withrow oversees this team. He will help guide you through the process of gathering data, photos, video, and information that can be shared with other stations so they can be inspired by what your staff and volunteers are doing.

“We will contact each partner, every month,” said Derek. “It’s our goal to help them get their success stories out there so they can be shared in a timely way.”

I hope you don’t hesitate to join the #ENCW Project. You’ve seen how many outstanding stations, non-profits, and industry organizations are already involved.  They’ve shared how easy it is to join up. We’re committed to making your participation easy for you and your team.

Dear Christian Radio…

1. Take a moment to look over the list of #ENCW Partners.
2. Notice the diversity of these participating organizations—large and small.
3. Join if you haven’t already.

God is bringing us all together to do something amazing. We will change the world. We will impact one billion lives in five years. This is a God thing. Please don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio


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