God Uses The Brokenness

Dear Christian Radio,

Easy never changed the world. . .

When I was asked if I felt lead to be an on-air personality, I immediately said yes, but with trepidation.

However, the more I thought about it, I figured, “I can do this. Seems easy enough.”  I mean I figured you only need to be able to do a few things: speak clearly, say encouraging words to people, and know the names of the songs (so you can introduce the next song after you say the encouraging things).

I watched my on-air team members just sit down behind the microphone and start talking.  I can talk; so I can do this.

By now you’re probably shaking your head and wondering if my managers seriously let me talk on the radio.

As I soon found out, the only easy part was literally sitting down behind the mic.  I started being coached on connecting with people.  Connect.  Connect.  Connect.  One day it finally sunk in. . . in order to connect I have to share parts of my life.  More trepidation.  This can’t be good.  I’m a divorced, single mom of two hungry boys, and I’m broken.

One day I went for it.  I finally put it out there:  “I am divorced.  I’m a working mom on a new budget.  I have two crazy kids and they drive me nuts some days.  I’m trying to get this single parenting thing down.  I struggle and it’s not easy.”

The first email came:  “Me too!  I’m a single parent and it’s rough.  Good to know I’m not alone.  P.S. My kids are crazy too!”

More emails:  “You made it through your divorce!  There is hope for me too!”

You see, the hardest thing for me was letting listeners know I was hurt.  I thought they just wanted to hear upbeat and sassy Jess.  What they really need to hear is that they are not alone.  Their friend in the radio is human.  Their friend in the radio is in the trenches with them.

God is using the thing that is the hardest for me to encourage others.

Is it easy sharing your brokenness on air?  No way!  Especially for a person with no radio experience.  But what I know is this, “You can’t use an egg unless it’s broken.”

God uses us in the same way.  

Someone once told me, “Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.”

I know every story you tell doesn’t need to be an “in the valley” story, but this world is severely broken.  People are hurting.  There is so much pain.  I want them to know there is always hope.  When they hear my voice, I want them to know whatever trials they are facing, they can come out on the other side.  Jesus has His hand in their situation; and He is working on their behalf already.

Dear Christian Radio:

  1. Be transparent.  Share your personal story—your story may be the key that can unlock someone else’s prison.
  2. Focus on why you are in the seat behind the mic. Your stories are necessary to spread the gospel.
  3. Easy never changed the world. . . but being an on-air personality with zilch experience is a piece of cake. . . said no one ever!

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Jessica Thomas 
Weekend Host & Office Manager
at Spirit FM, a Positive Alternative Radio station

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