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Dear Christian Radio,

It is one thing to say we are located in a community and another to say we are actually in the community. The first, location, only requires an FCC license, the latter—our involvement.  To be successful community partners, Christian radio must reach communities in the same way other ministries do. We must step outside the station walls and serve alongside them. It’s more than simply being in the community, we must be involved.

Here are five actions that will make your station a true leader in the community:

  • Identify the Need – Every city, town, and village has its own unique issues. The question becomes: what can local Christian stations do to help? What can your station provide in the way of expertise that will translate into better results? Right now, many communities are struggling with a growing epidemic of both opioid and heroin addiction—our listening area is one of them. As a station we are not experts in dealing with addiction; however, we have a deep understanding of the anguish addicts and their families go through. We know, because they call us for prayer. Our station is a beacon of hope and inspiration for the lost and the hurting. Therefore, we’re confident that we have the right message to meet this crisis and others head-on.

    Example: Recently, we hosted our first-ever Walk for Recovery.  This event rallied our listeners with a call to prayer. It was a low cost event (under $200) that delivered high impact and healing to community members and listeners alike.
  • Leave Comfort Behind – As encouragers, we like to take on projects that ooze positivity. Even so, just like dealing with the issue of addiction, not every event is a cake walk. Subject matter that is hard for you to address can be equally hard for your listeners. They are seeking a clear and reliable voice on matters impacting the public. Your station is not just a music ministry—it’s a capable community leader. Christian radio has the power to encourage and inspire listeners to accomplish hard things—even when those things are uncomfortable or out of the norm. They are looking to you for leadership.
  • Be Thy Neighbor – There are countless ministry partners desperate for volunteers or a reliable platform to share their needs with a like-hearted audience. Pregnancy centers need your presence at their diaper drives, food banks crave your expertise in crafting effective messaging that connects and motivates, and homeless shelters want to reach new volunteers who are mission minded. Your station stands as an invaluable voice to the Christian community and beyond. When you speak, your audience listens…never forget that truth.
  • Answer the Call – Your listeners are a great resource for creating community connections. Your P1s are not only passionate cheerleaders for your station, but also strong advocates for other ministries they support. Make an effort to engage these individuals, and if possible, support one of their causes. His or her heart for your station and community matters could give you unimaginable insight and access into a real community need.
  • Take Action – It’s never too late to help a friend—and your community is full of them. Once you have identified the need, you can flesh out your plan of action. Allow the echoes of “maybe next year” to give way to the footsteps of implementation. There is no room for good intentions in ministry. Get going.

Dear Christian Radio…

     1) Be a Leader – Your community is depending on you.
     2) Be a Partner – Other ministries need your help—on the air and in the field.
     3) Be a Godsend – We are the hands and feet of Christ…get going.


Derek Withrow
Director of Digital Media, PAR
Positive Alternative Radio

Director of Listener Engagement, Walk FM

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