FCC Spring Cleaning


Dear Christian Radio:

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning.  You know, when you do some of those household chores that you typically neglect.  One day someone came up with this clever idea and now we’re all stuck doing things like cleaning the furnace vents.  Who knew those vents got THAT dirty?!?

It’s the same thing with running a radio station.  There are these little things that we don’t always pay close attention to day in and day out. However, it’s good to stop and do some spring-cleaning to make sure you’re not dropping the ball in the process.

Just as you have to take a moment and look at that nasty furnace vent, you need to open up that public file and make sure you have everything in there that needs to be in there.

Let’s go over a few items that require your attention:

Make sure your Quarterly Issues-Programs lists are in your public file by the 10th of the month following each quarter.

Check your EAS equipment to make sure everything is in working order.  Is the clock right?  Did it change when the time changed an hour?  Are all tests being logged?

It’s easy to miss paperwork that SHOULD have been put in your public file.  The latest copy of your Ownership Report needs to get in that file.

If you’re not sure of all the things that need to be on your spring cleaning list, the FCC provides a handy self-inspection book that goes over all the items that you need to check. It’s www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/broadcast-self-inspection-checklists.


Dear Christian Radio,

  1. Just like you make sure your house is in order, make sure your station is in order.
  1. Don’t overlook your public file and don’t assume everything is up to date.
  1. Do some spring-cleaning with a self-inspection by downloading the appropriate checklist atwww.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/broadcast-self-inspection-checklists.


Dan Franks

General Manager, Joy FM


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