Facing Giants

Dear Christian Radio,

You are a small, local radio station. You’re surrounded by giants–large stations and networks with more resources and power than you will ever have…here’s how you win.

Don’t focus on your competitor, focus on your mission
The temptation to listen to a new and somewhat similar station in town can be overwhelming. You may immediately be looking to emulate what you’re hearing. Don’t become like them. Don’t beat yourself up or become intimidated! While iron sharpens iron, without question you should always be looking for ways to improve what you’re doing. Don’t focus on what they’re doing. Focus on your station and innovate how you can do you better. Remember iron sharpens iron through self assessment.

Don’t lose focus on your mission. Your mission will sustain you in the most difficult times. Strive for excellence and never take your position for granted.

God wasn’t shocked when your competitor showed up
Remember that a competitor showing up may have shocked you, but it didn’t knock God off His throne. God isn’t suddenly trying to figure out what He’s going to do now. He knows all and sees all and He has got your back! He didn’t bring you into the marketplace to fail. Trust and lean into His purpose for you and the team. You will be happy when you realize this is just another Romans 8:28 moment.

Through self assessment, look for your opportunities to improve and grow
If a competitor is beginning to erode your audience, chances are it isn’t their fault. We get so comfortable and let things slip. Jesus called them the “small foxes.” It may be time to take a hard look at your station and self assess. Are you listening to your station?  Is what you’re hearing lining up with your mission?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you coaching your talent?
  • Testing your music with your listeners?
  • Writing and producing compelling imaging?
  • Getting your team out of the building and in front of people?
  • Are you growing your team and yourself?

If you answered all those questions with a “yes,” you probably have very little to worry about! If you weren’t sure how to answer the above questions, then you have work to do. Don’t go at it alone. Help is available. There are tons of resources right here on Dear Christian Radio. And, if you need to speak with an encouraging friend, feel free to email me at [email protected].


Frankie Morea
Vice President of Programming
Positive Alternative Radio

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