The #ENCW Way

Dear Christian Radio,

At the turn of the New Year, on my personal Facebook page, I posted the following as goals I had set for myself:

1. Make a memory with Mrs. Kayla (my wife) every single day.
2. Run hard after Jesus.
3. Lead well.
4. Play with Sprocket (my dog) more. He’s getting older.
5. Lose 52 pounds.
6. Read 52 books.
7. Inspire Christian radio.
8. Change the world.

The reactions were instantaneous.  No fewer than five people reached out to me questioning number 8—Change the world.  I was asked: “Do you really believe that?”, “What makes you think that can happen?”, “Aren’t you setting yourself up for a life of disappointment if you set that as a goal and never achieve it?”

Here’s my response: Yes, I really believe that PAR can change the world.  Stating that we will change the world does not set me up for a life of disappointment.  In fact, it’s just the opposite; this goal promises a life of exciting turns and twists.  Beyond that, it gives the PAR team members real purpose—for this world needs changing…desperately.

PAR’s mission statement for the past several years has been: “We will create and deliver experiences that inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.”  Today, that changes.


Adding those five words is breathtaking.  It inspires me.  It inspires our team.  When our feet hit the floor in the morning, we can’t wait to put our hands to the plow in an effort to make a meaningful and lasting impact on this world.   No, we won’t just change the world; we’ll change it for the better by doing things a certain way.  We’ll do work and live life by a set of specific and sacred values.  We will embody the #ENCW Way.

We will…

  • Be Passionate – We love what we do. We love that our work impacts His kingdom. This is where we have chosen to invest our lives.
  • Be Caring – We are friends with each other. We celebrate together, mourn together, and help each other through the stuff of life.
  • Be the Standard – We will be the best. We will strive to lead the Christian media industry from our on-air hosts, to our content, engineering quality, donor relations, employee satisfaction, income, audience growth and so on.
  • Be Allergic to Quitting – We don’t know the word quit. We really do believe that easy NEVER changed the world.  Rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty is something we don’t shy away from.  The hard work we do today will lead to a brighter tomorrow.  Hard work helps make life fulfilling and we fully embrace that philosophy.
  • Be Honest – This is foundational belief of PAR. There are two aspects of being honest.  First, we will conduct our work and lives with the highest moral integrity.  We will be transparent with our team regarding income, audience, expenses, and other matters.  Second, being honest means using candor.  Allowing a project to get through at second rate doesn’t fulfill the standard. We want to know where we can improve.  Issues are addressed, questions are answered and problems are solved.
  • Be Flexible – My ideas may not be the best. I need to be open to hear and implement other ideas.  If a certain strategy isn’t working, we will abandon it and charge the mountain from a different angle.
  • Be Winning – It’s not a sin to win. By winning, we fuel our Mission and Vision.  In contrast, organizations that fail to commit to a winning strategy can do little more than keep their doors open. Winning organizations provide hope that the world can be changed.
  • Be Positive – We don’t complain; we provide solutions. We thank each other and try to be intentional to cultivate a culture of gratitude.  We believe in what is best and strive to achieve it.
  • Be Learning – We read books together. We review data and ask the hard questions.  We pursue change based on evidence.  We know that we are never truly done growing.
  • Be Creating the Future – It’s about the next generation. The Gospel is a baton that is to be handed from one generation to the next.  We intend to hand it off by creating and delivering experiences through terrestrial radio, apps, Facebook live, social media posts, and online streaming.  Our Mission and Vision will outlive us and take on a new identity with the next generation of Christian media leaders.


Believing we can change the world and knowing how we will do it is the #ENCW Way.  There’s a world that needs changing and I believe PAR has been called to do it. Will you join us in changing the world!

Easy Never Changed the World –

Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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