#ENCW Project Update: November 2017

Dear Christian Radio,

Changing the world starts right here with the #ENCW Project! God is using your commitment to change lives all over the world. Since the project officially launched in August of 2017, it has picked up a ton of support from Christian radio stations and service organizations. Right now, there are 75 #ENCW Project Partners and more are joining every week! The Project is connecting the Christian music industry and other nonprofits in a powerful way. Because of this, we are able to help one another and achieve the seemingly impossible in Christ’s name.

In the video you heard from Jon Hamilton, President of Christian FM. He shared the story of Arequipa Vision—stationed in Arequipa, Peru—which recently suffered a catastrophic loss due to fire. There is an immediate need for donations and equipment. Let’s help get this station fully operational again. If your station or organization can help in any way, please contact:

Jon Hamilton
Christian FM
P: 772.473.0318
E: [email protected]

WANTED: Amazing Stories!

All #ENCW Project Partner are encouraged to submit recent #ENCW stories, photos, and videos here. Your submissions will be compiled and used in upcoming #ENCW Updates. Click the following link to complete your #ENCW Impact Report. Should you have questions, please contact Derek Withrow, Director of Impact Services at [email protected].


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio


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