#ENCW Project Update: May 2018

Dear Christian Radio,

The #ENCW Project is seeing more and more Christian organizations partnering together and changing the world. This month’s #ENCW Update video is packed with good news you will want to hear and see. Before you do, check out these remarkable efforts sent to Derek Withrow, Director of Impact Services:

#ENCW Project | 64,944,347 | Total to Date


INDIA PARTNERS (w/ i58:10)

  • 8,800+ children were fed in Somalia for an entire month


  • 50,000 meals provided to feed the hungry in Galveston, Texas


  • 500,000 meals provided to people in Puerto Rico and Appalachia
  • 350+ children rescued from the threat of human trafficking in SE Asia
  • 367 children of trafficked women were provided safety in India
  • 650+ children—living in a Mongolian dump—were provided care and education for a year

WORLD CONCERN (w/ i58:10)

  • 436,000+ children cured of intestinal worms in Africa and Asia



Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio


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