#ENCW Project Update: February 2018

Dear Christian Radio,

We are on the eve of March 2018—and already—more lives have been impacted for Christ thanks to #ENCW Project partners around the world! Adam McCain and Rhonda Lacey have an important message for those who have yet to join this amazing Christian cause. However, before you click on this month’s video, Derek Withrow, Director of Impact Services, has these amazing numbers to report:

  • #ENCW Project | 48,409,827 | Total to Date
  • Operation Christmas Child | 12,000,000 | Shoeboxes Delivered
  • Baptist Global Response | 1,598,950 | Relief Efforts
  • i58:10 – Rescue Missions | 47,324 | Meals Provided
  • God’s Pit Crew | 30,000 | Food Distribution (Va)
  • World Concern | 14,550 | Somalian Emergency Food Relief 
  • India Partners | 7,353 | Persons Rescued from Human Trafficking

The momentum of the #ENCW Project is undeniable. So much good has already been done, but there is more yet to do. If you are already a partner, please consider sharing this information with a Christian partner who you trust can help the #ENCW Project reach one billion lives in just five years. God bless you for all you have done and will do!


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio


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One Billion Lives in Five Years

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