Dear Christian Radio,

Empowerment is a strong word.  To empower simply means to give power or authority to another.  Sadly, the idea of empowering team members is a colossal stumbling block for far too many leaders, including those working in Christian radio, today.  So, what’s the issue?

Over the years I have spoken with a multitude of Christian leaders.  Some of these same leaders have told me that they empower their people by telling them what to do each day.  What?  I even had one leader tell me that he made all the decisions and that he did not need to delegate. Really?  From a PAR perspective, that’s scary, especially when such sentiments are coming from within Christian radio.

The reality is this: empowerment enables your team members to be or become their best.  PAR defines empowerment as “giving team members a degree of autonomy and responsibility for decision making as it relates to their specific organizational tasks.”  We see this same Biblical approach in Mark 16:15 where Jesus empowers His disciples to go forth and spread the Gospel.

So, how does the act of empowering team members improve you organization?

First, we must work to understand how our respective team members look at life.  Hopefully, your team members are driven by a shared mission, vision, or system of values that represent(s) the heart of your ministry.  You can better evaluate each team member by placing them in one of three life categories:

1) The Ultimate Selfie – This team member’s life goal revolves around him- or herself.  This employee is wasting his or her time and yours.  Individuals like this will ultimately damage your ministry.

2) The Unfulfilled – This team member has passion and wants to do more; unfortunately, he or she is serving in the wrong role.  Individuals like this one need opportunities to express passion.  One-on-one meetings provide a great forum for you and your team members to discover untapped potential.

3) The Investor – This team member lives your mission and vision; he or she has established a symbiotic relationship with your ministry.  Individuals like this one need to be empowered by you to sustain or grow this high-level of passion.

It’s fair to assume that most team members involved in Christian ministry want to invest their lives in something greater than themselves…something that will last beyond their last day on earth.  That is precisely why they are serving alongside of you in ministry.

Acts 20:24 states, “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

It’s time for you to change the dynamic at your station.  Empower your team members to use their God-given talents to enrich the lives of your listeners and those within the community they serve.  Doing so will change them for the better.  Letting them know that you trust their abilities will unleash a new passion that will produce positive results.

Empowerment is not about you, nor is it about you team members—although they will benefit from it greatly—it’s about your total organization working together toward common goals.  When teams share in the responsibility, organizations begin to grow and eventually thrive.  A healthy organization honors God.

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Empower Your Team Members – Make them part of the solution.  Give them room to dream, to stretch their minds, and to problem solve.
  2. Invest in Your Team – Use your time and resources to help them fulfill their calling; allow them room to fail forward.  Remember, as they grow, so will your organization.
  3. Empower Others to Lead – Be like Jesus, trust your team to go forth and do the hard things.



Eddie Baker
Positive Alternative Radio

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