Dear Christian Radio,

I am charming and pleasant. I’m empathetic. I am the most loyal friend one could have. I prefer hugs to handshakes. My enthusiasm is genuine and is comparable to that of a small child given free rein in a candy store. However, I’m also impatient. I’m sarcastic. I have a tendency to complain, and I tend to overreact. I’m easily distracted. I’m highly verbal, so a lot of my thought process is articulated. Everyone around me knows if I’m hot, hungry or hormonal. I also inherited my Dad’s offbeat sense of humor, and my biggest fear is that my filter will stop working when I am live on the air. To quote the t-shirt, “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little.”

I trip over my humanness all the time. No one is more imperfect than I am. Critics and those caught up in legalism will look for every opportunity to point out my hypocrisy. However, God made me to be me. He made me knowing that I would be the way that I am.

Most of the time, I look just fine—even better than fine. I’m a great actress and I can be an expert manipulator. I’m naturally charismatic, but I manufacture that charisma when I have little to give. My husband has said on more than one occasion, “Why can’t you save some of what you give on the air for me?” Ouch.

It’s the job, right? Thousands of people listen every week to be encouraged and entertained. I’m an attention-seeking extrovert, and I love an audience. I’m a radio personality, but my disposition is subject to change when I’m at an event that ends at 10 p.m. and I’ve been up since 4 a.m. There are times when I truly have nothing left to give. I’m out of “people points.” I get tired. I struggle.

Scripture is full of people struggling with their humanness. Some of them seem downright hopeless, which is exactly why God uses them—and us—to further His kingdom. Who better to give hope to the hopeless than those of us who are a bit hopeless ourselves? He calls on the most imperfect men and women; He doesn’t condone our sin, but rather emphasizes His preference for those of us willing to admit our imperfections.

Beware the person who seems to have it all together. That super-spiritual, song-singing sister in Christ could be hiding some pretty heavy-duty problems behind that big smile. I know…I’ve been her. I am her from time to time. I have to be sincere about my sin, while reminding myself and pointing her to the one who makes all things new. Faking it may work in certain situations, but she is yearning for something authentic, because the struggle is real. The key is to openly share that struggle with the listener. The challenge is to do so in a way that is uplifting rather than discouraging.

I fail, but it’s not a surprise to God. His love for me is so much bigger than my mistakes. I don’t have to live a double life or feel inferior because I’m not perfect. I may feel divided, but that’s part of being human. As David prayed in Psalm 86:11, “Give me an undivided heart that I may praise your name.”

Dear Christian Radio…

     1. The struggle is real – Share your story.
     2. Don’t be afraid – Show the real person behind the personality.
     3. Be who you are – Don’t forget whose you are.


Rhonda Lacey
Morning Show Co-host, 88.3 WCQR
Positive Alternative Radio

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